Alcoholic Frozen Pouch Drinks?!

We lived on a dry campus for two years, which apparently is the equivalent to living under a rock.  Some wonderful person in the world discovered the ability to package frozen alcoholic beverages in Capri-Sun-esque pouches.  YUM.

25 Before 25: How Did I Do?

Since I turn 25 today, I thought I’d better look back at my 25 Before 25 list that I wrote in October and see how many things I was able to cross off of my list.  The answer?  Not as many as I’d hoped.  Life just got in the way!  There were a lot of unexpected things that happened between then and now.  There are some things that I’ve been working on, but didn’t feel comfortable crossing off the list quite yet.  I put a side note on others that didn’t work out as I’d hoped.  Oh well!

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Celebrating Summertime Giveaway!

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We Joined a CSA!

My friend, Marisa, introduced me to CSAs (Community-Supported Agriculture).  You can purchase a full share or a half share CSA through a local farm and pick up your share of produce every week for the agreed-upon season.  I thought this was so awesome!  After recently being disappointed by the produce available at chain supermarkets, I thought it was a great way to know exactly where your produce is coming from and support local farming at the same time.

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Here’s C in his typical gunslinger stance:

25 Before 25: Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

One of my goals on my 25 Before 25 list was to find an excellent homemade macaroni & cheese recipe.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found one that is similar to the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese at Noodles & Company.  Yum!

Go to Pretty Kitten’s Kitchen to get her delicious recipe for Noodles & Co – esque Mac & Cheese!

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Some People Make Me Feel Like a Shitty Mother

You know how people make comments that they don’t really mean anything by, but it makes you feel like the shittiest parent ever?

With living out of state, then having two recent moves and being in a wedding, C has spent time staying with both sets of his grandparents.  When we lived out of state, my parents took C for a week once so that I could have some time to work and rest.

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Hubster’s Tooth-Brushing Song

Our bedtime routine usually involves me giving C a bath and Hubster feeding C his bottle and brushing his teeth.  The other night, Hubster created a toothbrushing song.  It goes like this:

C and his toothbrush are
Going to happy town
Gonna brush those pearly whites
So you don’t need a crown

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The Hooded Frog Monster!

C has a funny habit of laughing and crawling toward you when you say, “I’m gonna get you!”  Hubster decided to switch it up by wearing C’s hooded frog towel.

It only made C laugh harder!

And here’s a little video to enjoy…

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Preparing for the Arrival of a Newborn by Katie Moore {Guest Post}

Katie Moore is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.

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