C has given up his bottle.

We decided not to wean him off of his nighttime bottle at 12 months, because of all the transition we’ve had in the past two months.  That bottle always seemed to comfort him before bed and I didn’t want to take that comfort away.  He’s 14 months old now and I was planning on weaning him in the next couple weeks after he adjusted to our new home.  I know that it was time and am relieved not to go through a weaning process, but I still find myself grieving the fact that my son isn’t a little baby anymore.

That time just went too quickly!  I miss those moments of holding him in the darkness, breathing in his freshly-bathed scent while he drank his bottle just before bed.  I used those moments to gaze at his sweet features and just soak him in.  It’s sad those moments are now over.

My Sweet Baby C is Now a Toddler

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