Ugh, I am so annoyed.  I never knew that moving would be such a hassle with our CREDIT CARD company.

When we first moved, I followed the standard protocol and changed our address online through my account.  After I clicked “update,” I noticed that it had reverted to our former city/state but kept our new street address.  So I changed it again.  Then it was correct.  No big deal, right?


Hubster had his card denied twice the other day.  I called the credit card company and was told that there was nothing wrong with our account and it shouldn’t happen again.  A few days later, my credit card was denied.  At the grocery store.

Embarrassing.  Frustrating.

I sent a message to them through their secure online messaging center.  The reply?  Despite the fact that we JUST sent you new cards this week, we’re sending you another set of new cards.  You won’t receive them for seven business days, and your current cards will not work.  Please contact customer service.

In the meantime, I get an email from Hulu Plus saying that they were unable to charge my account (which is set up as a monthly payment through this credit card) and therefore my service will soon be cancelled.

*grumble grumble*

Okay, another phone call to the credit card company’s customer service line.  Twenty minutes later, the hold has been taken off of my account due to the “issues with my address.”  However, my card will no longer work.  I must destroy these new cards once the newest set of cards arrive.

OMG.  Can’t I just change my address, not have two sets of cards sent to me, and not have my credit card denied?  Please and thank you.

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