What I love most about our new campus home is that there is an abundance of greenspace.  It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by trees, grasses and prairie.  C and I enjoy going out for morning walks together.  He loves riding in his stroller!

C checking out his new BOB stroller a few months ago

We decided to see how far it is to walk all the way around campus.  It’s 4.3 miles!  What an awesome way to start the day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Morning Walks With C

  1. I love green space! Yesterday we went for a bike ride to go check out the YMCA, and Andy asked me if I wanted to join. I reminded him that we no longer live in Detroit, where if you went a half mile from your house, you were in the hood. Here in the Marsh, we can walk, jog, or bike ride for MILES and only run into corn fields and dirt roads. Plus, we just rode our bikes 3 miles and had to ride 3 miles home. I definitely don’t need to join the Y until the snow sticks to the ground! Woot! Do you and hubster get free gym/fitness center access with his job?

    1. That is SO awesome! I’ve never been to the Marsh, but I’ve been near there. Lots of nature and open space! Excited for you that you get to enjoy that now. 🙂

      Yeah, exercising outside in the winter = not so much fun!

      Unfortunately, we don’t get free access. It’s a small facility, so it’s not really a big deal. We ended up cashing in some of our credit card points to get an amazing deal on an elliptical. It’s pretty awesome to be able to work out at home now. 🙂

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