A couple weeks ago, I put C down for a nap in his crib like usual.  About 20 minutes later, I was shocked when I heard one of his toys that was across the room.  I ran down the hallway to his room and, sure enough, he was out of his crib and playing with his toys.

I could not believe it.  I didn’t even know what to say!  He’s 14 months old and had climbed out of his crib!

C flashed me a huge smile and kept playing.  I was a little in shock that my little 14-month-old baby had climbed out of his crib, when the mattress was already on the lowest level and he had just started walking a few days prior.

I put him back into the crib to see if he’d climb out again for me.  He put his arms over the side, pulled himself using his upper body strength and scaled the crib rails with his little feet.  That little stinker!

We ended up buying a toddler bed for him that night.  He’s been adjusting quite well to it, and really seems to like it.  For a while, we would find him asleep on areas of the floor.  Now he usually plays quietly and then crawls into his bed when he’s ready to sleep!  At bedtime, he typically doesn’t even get out of bed when we lay him there.  He’s doing great!

Here’s my big boy sleeping peacefully in his toddler bed.  *sniffle*  He’s growing up so quickly!

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