I don’t exactly recall how I first heard about Mamavation, but I do remember being impressed by the compassion and kindness of its members.  Since last fall, I’ve completed several Mamavation Two Week Challenges (3? 4?  I can’t recall!).  The challenges really helped me on my road to fitness and staying accountable.  They also helped me to keep moving during a time in my life when I would’ve rather sat on the couch.  The Mamavation community encouraged me to complete Two Week Challenges while I was in the midst of postpartum depression.  Sometimes it was really difficult to get moving, but it was the accountability of the community that kept me going.

I’d love to join the Mamavation Sistahood and become another cheerleader for other women like me who are trying to get/stay fit for their families.  Due to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), gaining weight has been all too easy for me in my adult life.  Losing weight, however, has posed an incredible challenge.  In the past few months, several people in my life have experienced success with weight loss and overall health by eliminating wheat from their diets.  I’ve recently purchased the book, “Wheat Belly,” and have decided that I need to take that step in eliminating wheat from my diet as well.

According to “Wheat Belly,” in addition to weight loss benefits, eliminating wheat also has great effects in people with mental illness.  Their moods are steadier and they generally have a higher mood than they do when they’re consuming wheat.  As I attempt to wean off of my antidepressants for PPD as well as continue to lose weight, I’ve decided that wheat elimination is absolutely something that I need to try in an effort to be able to go without medication.  It’s worth a shot!

My hope is that my active participation in the Sistahood and increased accountability through Mamavation Monday posts, will help me in this journey for health.  I’m also excited to encourage other Sistas in their daily lives and fitness journey.  I’d love to be a member of this wonderful, positive community for moms!

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