The early part of this week has been chock full of appointments for C and me.  C had his 15-month checkup, and is doing great.  I absolutely love his new doctor.  She’s extremely nice and very thorough.  C is now 19 pounds (6th percentile) and 31.5 inches tall (60-something percentile).  He had two immunizations and cried briefly – until I gave him goldfish crackers to snack on, of course. 😉

I got contact lenses for the first time!  They feel very weird, but I’m hoping I’ll adjust quickly.

I also went to my new OBGYN practice for a physical, and to get some questions answered about trying to conceive.  One of my biggest concerns was that, like my previous experience, I wouldn’t be able to get a prenatal appointment until 8-12 weeks along and I’d have to battle hyperemesis again through that time.  The nurse practitioner’s response, “Oh my goodness!  No!  We would never, ever make you wait that long.  We’d get you in here as soon as possible.  No, we never make people wait when they’re having problems with pregnancy – or any problems, for that matter!”

And there you have it – another of my fears, relieved. 🙂

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