I’m really excited about getting back into jogging again.  At about this time last year, I started training for a 5k that I completed in October.  My goal at that time was to finish in under 45 minutes, and I believe I came in at about 42 minutes.  That was the last time I jogged until last week.

I was finally inspired to start using our jogging stroller for jogging.  After taking 3-4 mile walks pretty regularly, I decided to start running for about half of that distance.  It’s been working really well, and I’ve been loving it!  Unfortunately, my favorite pair of running shoes finally got too worn out and starting rubbing on my heel too much.  I got a small blister on my heel and threw that pair out.  Then I wore my second-favorite pair, which I was using indoors on our elliptical, but those gave me massive blisters yesterday, too!  When I took them off, I realized that they, too, were very worn.

Now I have a HUGE blister on each of my heels.  Eeek.  I’m headed to a running store today, upon the suggestion of some fellow blogging lovelies, and am hoping to find shoes that will work very well with my stride.

I’m starting to think that my 30 Before 30 goal of running a 10K is very attainable! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Getting Back into Jogging

  1. You can do this. We have a jogging stroller, too, and I have never found the right rhythm to get myself moving. Good luck. And those blisters are NOT fun.

  2. You know, as far as blisters go, I’d recommend the Band-Aid brand Advanced Healing Bandages. A-FREAKIN-MAZING. You might also want to reassess the socks you’re wearing? If it’s all of your shoes that do it, maybe you need to build up calluses or the socks just aren’t protecting your feet well enough or maybe both or maybe all of the above (including needing new shoes)? Besides, who doesn’t like new running shoes? 😉

  3. Good luck at the running store. Get a video gait analysis, wicking socks to avoid chaffing, and if you still need it then some sort of Body Glide product.

  4. Try Spira footwear! I absolutely LOVE them. I have gotten some pretty good blisters from running/walking but that’s just due to myself being outta shape…but I have heel spurs and Spira completely rids my foot of pain from them..they are amazing. A little pricey..but so worth it!

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