It’s a longstanding tradition that Hubster’s extended family spends a week on vacation at a camping resort.  I went with him a couple of times, but his work schedule has kept him from going the past few years.  He was excited to find out that his schedule here doesn’t get crazy until next week, so he was free to take a vacation day and spend a long weekend there.

Now, I make no secret of the fact that camping is NOT my thing.  I don’t like dirt; I don’t like heat; I don’t like bugs; I don’t like sweating unless I’m exercising.  I’m very partial to a private bathroom and shower, and not one of the camper variety.  I’d rather stay home and get some stuff done.

Anyway, I was not into going camping, but told Hubster that he was more than welcome to go and take C with him.  I know how much he loves it and treasures those memories, and I wouldn’t want to keep him from sharing that with C.  So that’s where they went for the weekend.

Hubster texted me a picture every now and then.  I loved seeing what they were up to, but it was also sad because I missed them!  Here are some snapshots from their weekend:

C doesn’t like grass, much like me when I was his age. 🙂
Having fun with Uncle T and soon-to-be Aunt J.
Riding on the back of a golf cart with Dada.
Somebody’s swim trunks are falling down! haha
Laughing with Uncle E!
Practicing with his cousins for walking down the aisle at Uncle T’s wedding.
I’m just in love with his swim suit. Adorable!

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