Hubster got his first full-time professional paycheck last week!  I’m so proud of him for all the hard work and dedication that he put in to get to where we are now.  I’m so thankful for his support and trust in me that I could make these past two years work for us financially (not that we had much of a choice, because daycare was so flippin’ expensive).  It wasn’t easy living off of a grad assistant’s income, letmetellya!

Anyway, he decided that he really, really, really, really wanted a Mr. Coffee frappe maker.  And me being the doting, appreciative wife that I am, despite wondering if this would be a frivolous appliance, decided to say, “Yes dearest Hubster, you may get your Mr. Coffee frappe maker that you so desire.”

I’m a pretty awesome wife, huh?  I’d like to think so.

So the beloved frappe maker arrived this week and Hubster tore into that box with tremendous glee.  It was pretty funny, actually. 🙂

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