I’m continually amazed by how small the world is sometimes, and by how God works in mysterious ways.

When I was growing up, I’d sometimes go visit my aunt and uncle for a few days.  Their friends had a large family of girls that I would play with a lot.  The oldest girl was my age, and we’ve kept in touch through the years.  A couple of weeks after we moved here this summer, she contacted me to say she was going to be in town visiting her sister.  I invited her over for lunch to catch up and her sister, Sarah, stopped by after her summer class ended.  That’s right – her sister goes to college here!

Sarah was wonderful with C and before I could even bring it up, she offered to babysit C anytime we’d like.  I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.  A wonderful, responsible woman from a large family whom I have known since she was about 5 years old?  WIN!

I took her up on that offer.  When I contacted her about babysitting C, she even suggested a price lower than what I offered her.  She is such a gem – I can’t even believe how lucky we are to have her!

She watched C yesterday while I went to an appointment.  She is so awesome with C.  He *loves* her, and calls her “rah rah.”  It’s adorable, and I’m so happy to have her as our babysitter!

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