Mamavation Monday: Halfway Through the #2WeekChallenge!

I got involved in Mamavation through their first Two Week Challenge.  I was frustrated with my stalled postpartum weight loss and it sounded like an awesome way to kick my body into gear.  Needless to say, I was hooked.

We’re now halfway through the Two Week Challenge Campaign #10!  As always, I’m getting my butt kicked and I’m loving it.  Okay, maybe I’m not loving those burpees.  Hubster regularly hears me saying, “Burpees are the devil!” as I’m in the middle of a workout.  ;)

But they work, ya’ll.  Every time I’ve participated in a Mamavation Two Week Challenge, I’ve lost inches.  It rocks my world.

So here we are, halfway through, and I have to say that I’m doing pretty well.  I started off doing the full advanced workout and…I could barely sit down for three days because my quads and butt were so sore.  Thankfully, @MrBookieboo said I could do a hybrid advanced/beginner challenge.  Now I’m challenged but I can still get down on the floor by my toddler without yelping.

How are you all doing with the Two Week Challenge?  We’re almost done! :)

This post is sponsored by Salba Smart and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.


  1. Great results is an awesome motivator. Happy for ya!!

  2. I remember when my thighs hurt like that. After my back was fused I was only allowed to squat to pick stuff up, ouch. After a month of pushing thru they don’t feel quite that bad. You can do it!

  3. Yes you gotta love the 2weekchallenge!! And inches are the real way to measure progress. You are doing awesome!!

  4. I had to switch to the beginner workout this time! The Advanced was too advanced for me last time, and I just got a little too excited. Glad you found a way to do a hybrid!

  5. Mallory (@mallorybo70) says:

    Haha I had that whole not being able to get up from the floor thing too! I HATE burpees! But I lost a total inch, so at least I know its working!

  6. I hear ya on those burpees! They are E V I L !!! But as you said they do work & they work well. Good luck with the rest of the challenge

  7. I love that you’re loving the challenge. It’s inspiring :)

  8. Way to go Mama!! Those burpees are a killer and they better pay off!! We’re halfway through, woohoo!!! So proud of you, especially doing the advanced workout. Keep going, we’re almost there :)

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