I took a huge step yesterday, y’all.  This was no baby step, that’s for sure.  Yesterday, Hubster was on duty and couldn’t leave campus for church, but C and I went to church.  Yes, I took C by myself to church.  But – wait! – there’s more.

I was frazzled, because I got there right as service was starting and I loathe walking in late.  As soon as we walked in the door, I saw the pastor come over to us right away.  He asked if I was dropping C off in the nursery and offered to walk us there.  I obliged, even though I knew where the nursery was.  I fought my instinct to shake him off (in the past, I’ve been known to want to fade into the crowd at church).

After I signed C in, I headed through the lobby to the sanctuary.  I noticed the pastor was still out there, and he made eye contact with me.  I completely shocked myself with what I was about to do.  I did not quickly avert my eyes and power walk to the sanctuary, effectively running away from the pastor.

I walked right over to him, put out my hand and introduced myself.

Holy. Bananas.

The pastor knows who I am now.  I’m committed to this.

And, in taking these steps yesterday I feel like I’ve finally kicked postpartum anxiety’s ass.  WOO!

5 thoughts on “I Didn’t Run Away From the Pastor!

  1. That’s awesome, Kristin, because that’s usually a stretch for you anyway. I mean, it’s still difficult for me to go to church without Dave. What Denomination is the church? Was the pastor “plain clothes” or in robes?

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