Today we’re headed out of town because Hubster’s brother is getting married on Friday!  We’re so happy for him and his lovely bride.  They asked C to be their ring bearer, and he’ll be walking down the aisle in between his two cousins who will be the flower girls.  It’s going to be so adorable.  I cannot wait!

I just hope he won’t be too shy.  Or take his diaper off and start streaking.

Yep, he learned how to take off his diaper last night.  *sigh*  I’m hoping it’s a one-time thing and this won’t be the beginning of messy carpets and fights to wear clothing.

On that lovely note, why is there always so much to get done before leaving town?!  There’s always a lot to clean and pack.  We also picked up our CSA last night, which means there was a whole box full of veggies to take care of last night.  I washed everything and froze a bunch of stuff.  What really wasn’t fun was the stuff that needed to be cooked, steamed or chopped before freezing.  It took me almost two hours.

And why is there so much to pack for a little toddler?!  For only two nights?!  I may never understand.

So I’ll be back here on Sunday with some cute pictures and an update on how the wedding went!  Have a lovely weekend, loves!

2 thoughts on “Going Out of Town, a Family Wedding, and a Little Ring Bearer

  1. Hope you all had a great time at the wedding & for the weekend! I never had to deal with my daughter taking off her diaper & making a mess everywhere (thankfully) & I hope you don’t ever have to deal with that either! I have heard some horror stories & I am glad that we never had to go there 🙂

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