I’ve been wanting to go to a running store for a LONG time.  The last time I went on a long run, in AUGUST, I got horrendous blisters.  Yeah, August.  It took weeks for those bad boys to heal, and then we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to get over to the running store by myself.  They have weird hours.

Anyway, I went today and am so excited that I finally did!  The salesman analyzed my stride and pulled some shoes out that would best fit my gait.  I tried on a few different brands and ended up with these gorgeous Nikes in a whole size bigger than I normally buy.  I can’t believe I was buying the wrong size for running.  I wasn’t giving my feet room – apparently your feet swell when you run.  Who knew?!

I also discovered that cotton socks are bad for running because they soak up the sweat instead of dispersing it and getting it away from your skin.  This causes more friction.  Between that and the wrong size shoes…no wonder I had blisters!  Eek.

So excited to give these puppies a try! 🙂

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