C Loves the Park

I was a little concerned a few months ago that C would never enjoy the outdoors.  He used to be terrified of grass.  Just within the past two months, he’s decided he really likes to run and enjoy the park.

He used to be afraid of the swing, too, but now he really loves it!

Whenever I take him to the park, he does something that CRACKS. ME. UP.  He’ll run, climb and discover; but then he’ll decide that he’s done.  And he walks back to the car, to the door we always take him in and out of, and tries to open it to leave.

Yep, he just decides he’s done and it’s time to go!  This kid provides me with endless entertainment! :)


  1. I love that he walks over to the car when he’s ready to go, smart kid :) And that smile? Adorable :)

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