I’m packing for my first ever girls’ weekend!  That’s right, I’m 25 and I have never been on a girls-only weekend.  Crazy, right?  Well, my friend R and I have been planning this for months.  You see, our husbands are old high school buddies and every year they go on a camping trip.  That means every year, R and I get stuck at home for a weekend solo with the kiddos.  This year, we finally decided, “Hey, this is nuts.  WE should get a weekend of our own, too!”

So here we are, about to embark on a weekend of our own.  I’m SO pumped.

I’ll be back here next week with tales of our shenanigans.  Or, more likely, our fun times painting our nails, eating and gabbing. 😉

One thought on “Packing for a Girls’ Weekend!

  1. That’s a wonderful idea! You are just 25 and are having your girls’ weekend. I’m **, let’s just say double your age, and I’m still waiting for my girls’ weekend. 😉 Have fun!

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