Just in the past week, I’ve noticed so many changes in C developmentally.  He says “yes” or “no” to just about any question we ask him.  We can communicate even more with him now, and it’s so much fun!

Here are some typical conversations we’ve been having:

Me: C, do you want to go hang out with Dada all weekend?
C: Yeah! *big smile*
Me: Do you want to meet your new baby cousin, too?
C: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Me: C, would you like cheese?
C: No.
Me: How about a banana?
C: No.
Me: Applesauce?
C: Yes!

Me: Did you have lots of fun with Dada this weekend?
C: Yes!
Me: Did you get to see your friends and play at their house?
C: Yeah.
Me: Was there a doggy there?
C: *nods* Woof, woof.
Me: Did you meet your new baby cousin?
C: Yeah!
Me: Did you like the baby?
C: Yeah!

It’s so much fun to talk with him!  And being able to ask him what he wants to eat instead of preparing seven different things is such a relief.  I’m so excited for more vocabulary development that is sure to come in the upcoming months!

4 thoughts on “Developmental Leaps

  1. I love that you are writing these little conversations down! I always try to but forget to do it right away & then I am bummed later when I try to remember that funny little thing she said 🙂

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