On the six-hour drive home from the wedding we attended in Minneapolis this weekend, it happened.  My button from my jeans started to dig into my ever-expanding belly.  I realized it was time to bring my bin of maternity clothes out of storage.

*le sigh*

It was kind of fun going through all of the clothes that were oh-so-familiar from my pregnancy with C.  There are some that I can wear right away, and then there are the ones that will fit when just about nothing else in the world does.

Exhibit A:

37 weeks with C

Pulling the post-c-section underwear out of the bin was funny.  Those suckers come up above the belly button, so they’re pretty huge!

I’m so happy that I’ll be pregnant during the same season as my last pregnancy, so I  won’t need to invest in any more maternity clothes.  Win!

My absolute favorite maternity item I own?  Old Navy Maternity yoga pants.  So comfortable!

What is/was your favorite maternity clothing item?

4 thoughts on “Breaking Out the Maternity Clothes

  1. My favorite maternity item that I kept is my Old Navy capri maternity yoga pants. They are so comfortable, and you cannot tell that they are maternity.

  2. Cute pic, love that belly 🙂 When I was pregnant, I hated maternity clothes for some reason. It was all too weird for me that first time, my body looked so different to me & I was very self conscious-there was no way I would have even tried yoga pants! I wore sweat pants way to much. When I do get pregnant again, I plan to find some cute maternity clothes since I didn’t have any last time. And I will keep the Old Navy yoga pants in mind!

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