Confession: I have a tendency to swear when I hurt myself.

Stub my toe.  *%&(%

Slam my finger in a cabinet.  #%(&#

I decided that it would be bad for C’s vocabulary to include these words that slip mindlessly out of my mouth, so I’ve gotten into the habit of saying other things.  Actually, there’s one stand-in that typically works for me.


I didn’t even realize this had become my go-to “swear” word until I banged my hand against a corner the other day and immediately after I said it, I heard a little voice behind me say it.


Ooops.  Well, I guess it’s better that C picks up “balls” than real profanity.  😉

(And, yes, I am clumsy sometimes.)

2 thoughts on “Balls!

  1. haha I am very clumsy too! I love using a word to replace a swear like this! I am pretty good at not swearing in front of Kennadie. But I can remember one time I accidentally slipped the f bomb out & she repeated it right after I said it, just once. I don’t plan on ever doing that again 🙂

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