I’m a Bundle of Tears

This pregnancy has turned me into such a Weepy Wanda (I just made that up.  Sorry to all the Wandas out there.)

I didn’t cry this much when I was pregnant with C.  Sure, every Hallmark commercial made me tear up.  But that’s normal! 😉

I cry during Keeping Up With the Kardashians reruns.

I cry when I see a picture of a baby, or a family, or a baby with a family.  Or a baby without a family. *sniffle*

I cry when the sports anchor reports a Green Bay Packers loss, even though I watched the game and am fully aware of the situation.

I cry when I see someone else crying.

I cry when the meteorologist predicts rain.

It’s out of control, y’all.  Were any of you a weepy mess during pregnancy?  How did you deal? 


  1. says

    Have you really cried when you heard that it is going to rain?! Awww!
    I am a bit sensitive anyways, so yeah it was worse during pregnancy too. I just let myself cry & then laughed about it :) Damn hormones!!


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