When Hubster left for work yesterday, he said he wouldn’t be home until 8:30pm.  After the door closed behind him, I panicked.  There was *SO* much time in the day!

I put out a plea for creative indoor activities (it was raining here yesterday) on Facebook, and my lovely friend Andrea, of Postpartum and Pigtails, gave me some awesome ideas.  One of them was to build a fort.  I immediately got flashbacks of building forts as a kid and knew I had to try that!

I pulled one of the blankets off of our bed, brought some chairs into the living room and attempted to build a tent.  The center of the blanket kept sagging.  Ugh.  I tried to attach the blanket to higher places.  I wanted to tape it to the wall, but I wasn’t sure if we’re allowed to use tape (or only certain kinds?) on our walls.  Damn residence hall apartment living. 😉

I did what I could.  C loved it for the 15 seconds it lasted before he tore it apart.

I situated the blanket again.  And again, he loved it for the 15 seconds before he wrapped himself up in the blanket, destroying the fort.

The fort was a failure.

I cried.

6 thoughts on “The Day I Tried To Make a Fort

  1. You are so funny! And his face- sitting there, looking soo unimpressed 🙂 This post made me laugh & is so cute!! At least you tried & can show him these pictures & laugh about it down the road with him! Sometimes that happens to us too with the center sagging in but I usually hold the blanket down on the chairs with pillows and pull it as tight as I can & usually works. I do like the tape idea you had though 🙂 Cute post Kristin!

  2. Destroying the fort is all part of the fun for a toddler. The making of the fort was a fabulous idea and it was not a failure. C had fun destroying the fort which is all part of the play. His excited look was probably, “Hey, I like this. This is something new I can tear down.” All in the fun, mama! Keep up the fun in the games. 🙂

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