C really wanted the TV on a lot today.  No matter where I hid the remote, he would find it and turn the TV on.  By this evening, I was done fighting it.  I just had to find something that was family-friendly.  I discovered Little House on the Prairie on the Hallmark Channel and we had that on as background noise until bedtime.

I haven’t watched Little House on the Prairie in y.e.a.r.s.  It’s cute.  Corny, but cute.

But again I was reminded of how fortunate I am that I was born in modern times.  I think God knew I wouldn’t have lasted a day back then.

Can you imagine having to ride a bumpy, rickety stagecoach when you had your period?

Getting your tooth pulled without pain killers?  As a child?!

Baking bread from scratch every day?

Bathing once a week?!

Nope, I would never make it.

One thought on “Little House on the Prairie

  1. Funny! We weren’t watching Little House but Dad and I were talking last night about how we grew up in such fortunate and advanced times in comparison to our parents and what you grew up NOT being without. You’ve never experienced not having a microwave, a tv remote, a computer, a garage door opener, air conditioning, a cordless phone, and a wireless router. Little C will never know what it was like not having a cell phone and warm wipes among others. LOL!

    So many changes through the years. I remember having to open the garage door just by lifting, getting our first microwave oven which cost something like $400 and weighed a ton, getting our first remote television which was wired and barely reached from the tv to where my dad sat in his chair. We had to wind that remote up every night so no one would trip on it. I remember sweating it out without a/c, staying close to the phone base when on the phone since you couldn’t reach too far to keep doing chores, etc. Then I think of how good I had it in comparison to my folks. It’s fun to think of the changes each generation had and how far we’ve come with technology.

    Little House is a really nice show and I think will be enjoyable for C.

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