With the exception of the typical chasing around of the wild toddler, wrangling him to put on his pajamas and begging encouraging him to clean up his toys, I really like bedtime. I usually volunteer to be the one to lie next to C until he falls asleep. The sweetest moments happen between lights out and when he falls asleep.

We say our prayers every night and, often, a few minutes after I’ve said the prayers, C requests, “More prayers?” I tell him that he can say a prayer, too, and he says some pretty adorable things. Things like:

Dear God, Thank you mama, daddy, baby sister, my leg, my feet, my sock, helicopter, cars, airplane, motorcycle. Amen!

He talks to me about things he wants to do tomorrow. Without fail, he asks me every night about “more tickles,” “shoes on,” and “walk to car.” We look up at the stars projected on his ceiling and count them. He points out the monkey decals on his wall and the leaf canopy hanging above his bed. Then my sweet child really makes my heart smile.

I hope I always remember the sweetness in his face as he leans in close, rubs my face with his tiny hand, looks into my eyes and says, “Hi Mama.” He does this every night just before he falls asleep.

Wow, do I love my boy.

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