In only a few weeks, voters in the state of Washington will be deciding the fate of the GMO labeling initiative in their state. If I lived in Washington, I’d be emphatically voting yes on I-522.

I tend to think that an educated consumer is a healthier consumer. While my refrigerator is admittedly not stocked with all organic items, I do care strongly about what is going into my family’s mouths. I seek out the best snacks for C. He is primarily tube fed now, but my aim is that what he does put in his mouth is free of pesticides and GMOs. Personally, GMO labeling would make my goal much easier.

Bioengineering, chemical and big food companies pour major funds into fighting GMO labeling initiatives, because they know that an educated consumer will make healthier choices. Ninety-nine percent of the funds for the opposition of I-522 is funded by out-of-state corporations. That’s crazy! Washington farmers, ranchers and businesses support the labeling movement. More pesticides are used when growing GMO crops than conventional crops.

Our food supply is controlled by big corporations, and that is disturbing. Over 80 percent of processed food in the U.S. contains GMOs – and GMO fish, apples and corn are on the market, too. Big Food wants you to think that labeling will increase the cost of food at store. That’s simply not true. Big Food already labels food that they export to 64 other countries. I should have the right to know, too. I want to know what I’m feeding my children.

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