After many months of fighting a postpartum mood disorder and having my antidepressant turn me into a human inflatable, I am very excited to announce that I am starting the She Sweats Summer Challenge through He and She Eat Clean! The Summer Challenge is 16 weeks long. I’ll start with the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation and follow it with the Extreme 4-Week Shred.

When I decided to post my before pictures, I realized I could feel two ways about this: ashamed and unsure how I got here, or like this is a big ol’ middle finger to the antidepressant and its human inflatable ways. I settled on the second option. Take this, Zoloft. I’m done with you and I am hereby taking my body back!

After losing the baby weight within a couple months of having Baby Jo, I began to gain…and gain…and gain, until I completed my taper off of Zoloft just a few weeks ago. I gained over 30 pounds in eight months. My body image took a major nosedive, and I felt completely out of control of my own physical health.

I will be checking in every four weeks with an update on my progress, including pictures and stats. I am thrilled about this journey, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’m a little scared. I’m terrified to put myself out there like this. In fact, I have never had a harder time publishing a post. But here goes. This is, after all, the hardest part: the starting point. Wish me luck! 🙂

Day 1: She Sweats Summer Challenge #heandsheeatclean #shesweatstransformation #LittleMamaJama

12 thoughts on “I’m Taking the She Sweats Summer Challenge!

  1. First of all you look fab! You got this. Let me tell you from experience, you will love those pictures when you get to your goal. You will love that they are there because then you can be like BOOM in yo face, look at me now! 🙂 That is how I was. Even now, I google myself and see my progress when I ditched the weight just to be like oh ya I did it once. I can do it again. Ok, I got this.

    I am so proud of you! Can’t wait to see your progress! Love you long time! xo

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