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Toddler Excited about Disney's The Pirate Fairy #ProtectPixieHollow #shop

Is there anything better than a new Disney movie release? My son sure doesn’t think so! Ever since our trip to Disney World last year, the boy has been obsessed with all things Disney. It’s an obsession that I encourage because I enjoy it, too. The Pirate Fairy was released this week, so we stopped at Walmart to snag our copy. C was excited to grab the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD that included a free gift: The Pixie Hollow Bake Off DVD with 10 animated shorts! Tinker Bell has a bake off with head baking fairy Gelata (voiced by Giada de Laurentiis) in this bonus movie found exclusively at Walmart. I’m always trying to find more things for C to watch to keep him occupied during his tube feedings and if it includes something related to food, that’s even better.

Moms & Me Disney Party #ProtectPixieHollow #shop

We shared our new treasure by throwing a viewing party with our Moms & Me group. The kids dressed in their adorable Disney best and I made some treats inspired by Pixie Hollow. It’s fun to think about fairy powers: animal, garden, water, light, fast-flying, tinker. If I could have any fairy power, I think I would choose to be fast-flying so I could easily keep up with all of my motherly duties and my kids’ crazy energy! It would be like creating more time in a day, no? 😉

Blue Pixie Dust Cupcakes #ProtectPixieHollow #shop

The powers in blue pixie dust are so strong that you only need a few drops – precisely why the fairies try to win it back from the pirates. Just a few drops of my gluten-free Blue Pixie Dust Cupcakes may have given the toddlers a sugar high, as evidenced by their boisterous games of Ring Around the Rosy!

Rainbow Fruit and Vegetables #ProtectPixieHollow #shop

Of course, we couldn’t have a Disney fairy party without incorporating all the colors of the rainbow. Rainbow salad, rainbow fruit kabobs, rainbow fruit salad. A coloring table with The Pirate Fairy coloring pages and all the colors of the rainbow with which to color. Some of the littles took this quite literally by coloring on themselves! It’s all in the name of Protecting Pixie Hollow.

Disney's The Pirate Fairy Party Coloring Table #ProtectPixieHollow #shop

Do you have a favorite fairy? I’m partial to Tinker Bell. I think it stems from the original Peter Pan of my childhood. If you could have any fairy power, which would you choose?

C enjoying a Blue Pixie Dust Cupcake #ProtectPixieHollow #shop
I think his fairy power is light. Check out that smile!

3 thoughts on “Blue Pixie Dust and Rainbows to Celebrate The Pirate Fairy on DVD! #ProtectPixieHollow #shop

  1. C’s face in the cart is beyond precious! I love it!
    Love your party! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!

    I know three kids who can’t wait to watch Tinker Bell’s new movie too! 🙂

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