Letting the light in - beating PPD twice

Two children. Two rounds of postpartum mood disorders. PPD, PPA, PPOCD and antepartum depression (during pregnancy) with Baby Jo. My mental health during and after pregnancy is kind of a crapshoot.

Baby Jo is turning one next week. I have been completely off of Zoloft for over a month and have been doing well. I knew that the PPDemons were behind me, so I didn’t think that my final appointment with my psychiatrist was going to be emotional for me. It must have been the finality of it all. Closure. I walked out of his office feeling on top of the world. I went through the depths of depression twice. I conquered what sometimes had felt insurmountable. I came out the other side not unscathed, but different. Better, stronger, wiser. More in tune to my own body, my own needs, my own strengths and limitations.

Post-PPD Celebration Cake

It was a freeing day. I bought a celebratory cake, made spaghetti for dinner per C’s request and hugged my babies extra tight. It wasn’t just me that did this. My children did. My husband did. My family and friends did. We did this together.

7 thoughts on “It’s possible to overcome PPD twice!

  1. So proud of you sweet friend! So glad I got the chance to hug you in person earlier this year! It was one of this year’s highlights for me.

  2. This makes me so very happy for you 🙂 I can’t imagine all that you’ve been through but as someone who has also been on anxiety meds, I understand the struggles and insurmountable “I’ll never get there” feelings. GOOD FOR YOU!! This is an immense milestone and you must feel like you’re on top of the world 🙂 Sending you so many good vibes and thoughts and your cake looks delicious 🙂 XOXO

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