Dearest Baby Jo,

One year and one day ago, we took C to the zoo and the park on a Saturday to start a birthday celebration weekend. C was turning two on Monday and we wanted to give him a special weekend before you were born.

C zoo 3

Yes, Mama looked very pregnant there; but we still weren’t expecting you until our scheduled cesarean on May 6 – and you weren’t even due until May 12. I put your brother to bed a few hours later and started to hang up his Mickey Mouse birthday decorations. That’s when the contractions started. They were very strong and only 4 minutes apart. I knew it was time.

Our beloved family friend and babysitter came over as soon as she could and Nana and Papa started their two-hour drive to get to our apartment. Daddy and I arrived at the hospital after 10pm. I was prepped for surgery and you were born at 1:13am at a healthy 6 lbs, 14 ounces and 19 inches long. You were perfect. I enjoyed those first days in the hospital with you, holding you in the quiet while you slept. You slept so much that we didn’t see your eyes for the first couple of days!

C meets Baby Jo for the first time

Your brother’s love for you was instant and complete. His devotion has only grown in the past year. You’re often frustrated by how close he wants to be to you! But you love him just as much and want to play cars with him all the time. That’s when he gets frustrated! I’m so blessed with two children who love each other so unconditionally. I know that you two will always share a close bond, and it fills me with joy.

Baby Jo comes home for the first time

I was so excited to dress you in your first real outfit to bring you home. You looked so tiny in that big carseat! I picked out those socks shortly after I found out that we were expecting you. The blanket that we placed over you was the same blanket that covered your brother when we took him home. You’ve grown leaps and bounds since that day. For months, you had these chunky baby thighs that I just fawned over. You’re now a tall girl with a tender heart and sensitive soul. Your feelings are hurt very easily, but it’s only because you love so much.

C and Baby Jo August 2013

Your daddy is your favorite person in the whole world. You prefer him over anyone else (sometimes much to my chagrin!). Your first word may have been “mama,” but you say “dada” more often. He adores his little girl. You have him wrapped around your finger, doll.

Baby Jo 9 months with Daddy

Baby Jo Christmas Day

You may be a sensitive soul, but you are developing quite a feisty side. You are an independent girl with your own ideas and you sure let us know your opinions! Daily screaming matches are common between you and C. You always win.

Novotny Family Picture Fall 2013

I cannot believe that an entire year has passed. I also cannot imagine our lives without you. How strange to think of our family before you entered it. A boy and a girl. Our family of four was completed when you entered the world. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All my love,

3 thoughts on “Baby Jo is One!

  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! I can’t believe that it has already been an entire year since your graced us with your arrival! Thanks for making my year a lot brighter, sweeter and my Instagram feed a lot more adorable with your precious face! Love you sweet girl! xo – Auntie Rachel

    p.s I look forward to many shopping dates, pedicures & girl trips with you & your Momma in the future!

  2. I realize I am a day late but yesterday was a wonderfully busy day spent with our sweet grandbabies. Baby Jo, you mean the world to your Papa and Nana. Your smile is so beautiful and just like your Mama’s, your laugh is so wonderful, I cherish your sweet hugs that you reserve for your Nana. I love snuggling with you before you sleep and hugging you when you wake. I adore how you love your big brother and want to play with him. You are such a precious and sweet baby girl! God has blessed us all with your presence.

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