My dear son,

How are you three years old already? You and I used to hang out together all day – just the two of us. Trips to the store, long walks, reading books, playing. I cherish our time alone together like it was yesterday. I’m amazed at how big you’ve gotten. Your strength, courage and resilience inspires me daily. You have been through more this year than any child should have to experience, and I feel like our bond has grown even stronger.

Newborn photo shoot #siblinglove

You started your third year by becoming a big brother. You were so excited to meet your baby sister. I was relieved that you didn’t realize that your second birthday party had essentially been ruined. Either that or we gave you the coolest birthday present ever!

C 2 year photo shoot, June 2013

Over the summer, you decided that you weren’t going to consume anything but graham crackers, gummy bears and water. You can imagine the stress and fear Daddy and I experienced as we struggled to get you to eat. In early August, you were admitted to Children’s Hospital and had a feeding tube put through your nose (an NG tube). It was amazing to see you perk up as soon as you started receiving formula through your tube. Your energy, humor and enthusiasm returned. The NG tube didn’t fit into your active lifestyle, though, and about two weeks later you had a feeding tube surgically placed in your stomach (a G tube).

Daddy and C at Children's Hospital with NG tube

Over the next several months, you made great gains in your growth charts. You inspired me to become a fierce advocate and I was relentless when it came to your care. We discovered that you have delayed gastric emptying/gastroparesis, which means your stomach does not push your food through your body properly. We also found out that you have sensory processing disorder. You began medication for your delayed gastric emptying and occupational and speech therapy for your sensory processing disorder.

Toddler in vest for 2.5 year photos

I’m thankful for your determination. It’s gotten you through so much, sweetie. You are strong in character, brave and confident in yourself and your family. You turn to us when you need comfort and, even though you don’t verbalize it, I can see that you trust us to carry you through. Your personality is as strong as mine, which can make for some interesting days; but I know that it is also keeping you pushing through every challenge. You have a great sense of humor and say the most hilarious things! Sometimes I don’t know where you come up with the silly things you say. Your laugh is infectious. You are my little buddy, my comic relief, and my mini-me.

C and Mommy being silly 2014

You like me to lie next to you until you fall asleep. There are no words to describe how much I love your cuddles. My heart melts every time I’m hugging you and say, “My little C,” and you reply, “My little Mommy.” Just like your sister is a Daddy’s girl, you my dear are a Mommy’s boy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

Happy 3rd Birthday, C.
With love,

2 thoughts on “C Turns Three!

  1. Happy Birthday my sweet grandson! Your smiles light up my day, your infectious laugh carries me through, your hugs just make me want to hold you all day and your “I love you Nana!”, well there are no words to express how much that means to me. I love you so much sweet buddy! God has blessed us so much with you. You are such a wonderful and sweet little boy.

  2. The bond you two share is unbreakable. He knows how much you love him and how you are his most fierce advocate. Sending you both so much love! xoxo

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