Staying at home with my kids means I’m there through everything. Every smile, every hug, every “first.” That also means I witness every tantrum, every skipped nap, the monotony, and I can’t forget the body fluids. Oh, the body fluids. We may live on a university campus, but I think even our neighbors would be shocked by the amount of body fluids going on in here every day. I’m sure any parent who stays at home would agree that parenting in the trenches 24/7 can get really hard sometimes.

Moments that make the hard parts of staying at home worth it

That’s why moments like the ones I shared with Baby Jo yesterday can put things back in perspective and make it all worth it. My feverish baby, cuddling into my arms, nestling her little head on my shoulder as she sought comfort. I was reminded of the reason I choose to stay home. The influx of body fluids, the constant mediation of keeping the toddler from injuring the baby, cleaning the table 30 times each day. It’s part of the package, but it’s secondary to those wonderful moments that I get to just be there when my children need comfort from their mommy. I’m reminded once again how grateful I am for what we have.

What moments make it worth it for you?

**Note: In no way is this post intended to fuel the “mommy wars.” For me, staying at home with my kids started out of necessity because we couldn’t afford daycare. It has evolved into consciously living with less and forgoing sleep to work from home. Everyone’s choice (or lack thereof, as I’ve experienced and understand both situations) is unique to his or her own situation and I have utmost respect for every parent’s personal decision.  xo, Kristin

4 thoughts on “The Moments That Make the Hard Parts of Staying Home Worth It

  1. Those are the exact reasons that I was a SAHM with you. The secondaries stayed secondaries as I just breathed in all the special moments with you. It was so worth it! I’m so happy you have this opportunity to be there for your precious babies. It is not only a blessing but a gift to both you and the children. With Love, Mom (aka Nana)

  2. Your auntie (me!) remembers the few special moments when I breathed you in, Kristin. What a privilege it is to be your auntie and great-auntie to your children. What a joy to read this post of the love I know you have for them. I’m so grateful to Adam to also “living without” so you can be there with your babies.

  3. I love that picture of the two of you. I admire you and all the other SAHMs I know. You are my inspirations, and I am glad that you find those moments of beauty amid the poop, pee, fevers and vomit. xoxo

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