“Sister, you’re my best friend, best friend, best friend.”

There’s never any doubt that C absolutely adores his little sister. He lights up when she enters the room, asks her to play cars with him and crawls around the apartment with her. He can make her laugh harder than anyone else.

Because of his sensory processing disorder, we sometimes lose sight of how much he loves her. He struggles with proprioception, which means that his body has a hard time deciphering where he is in space. This causes him to be too rough with her, run into her, climb on her. She gets hurt a lot and it’s so difficult to help C understand what he is doing wrong.

That’s why I was so surprised when we heard of an adorable, tender act of love he showed to her while they were in the church nursery on Sunday. Baby Jo was crying, dealing with some separation anxiety from us. C pulled her into his lap and held her. He told her that it was alright. He shushed her. When she was having difficulty with a button on a toy, he showed her how to play it. With her brother, the comforter, Baby Jo’s tears subsided and she enjoyed her play time in the nursery.

Because I have a sibling, I will always have a friend. #LittleMamaJama

One thought on “Brother, the Comforter

  1. It just warmed my heart so much to read this! There is no doubt how much he loves her. He sure can make her laugh. I love how she gets so excited to play with him. Sibling love. So wonderful!

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