Bedtime Conversations with C

Now that C has turned three, it has become even more apparent that we’re but one soul inhabiting two bodies. He is super chatty at bedtime, just like me, and talks my ear off about anything and everything his little three-year-old mind dreams up. Here is a sample from one of our bedtime conversations:

“Mommy, let’s whisper. It’s bedtime. Baby sister is sleeping. We need to whisper, whisper.”

“Okay, C. Let’s whisper. I love my baby C.”

“I love my baby Mommy. We’re all done whispering now. Mommy, I need to talk to you about Lightning McQueen. Lightning McQueen is red, Mater is black (note: we’re still differentiating between brown/black and orange/yellow), and Francesco is red and green. Red means stop. Green means go. What does orange mean?”

“It means slow down.”

“Oh, orange means slow down. Red means stop, green means go, and what does orange mean?”

“You know what orange means! What does it mean?”

“It means sloooow down! (sings ABC’s) Mommy, you’re a child. I’m an adult.”

“No, Mommy and Daddy are adults. You and Baby Jo are children.”

“No, I’m not a child!”

“Yes, you are a child and baby sister is a child.”

“Oh, baby sister is a child. I am a child. Daddy and Mommy are adults?”


“Baby sister is a girl and Mommy is a girl.”

“What are you?”

“I am a boy. Daddy is a boy. I need to go finish my goldfish now.” (gets up and leaves room to go eat the rest of his crackers)

…twenty minutes later…

“You want to go to bed, Mommy?”

“Uh, yeah. Let’s go to bed.”

“Okay! It’s time to go to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. I love you forever, Mommy.”


6 thoughts on “Bedtime Conversations with C

  1. I am the same way at bedtime, super chatty, just like my oldest is. That is when I want to talk about anything and everything under the sun.

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