C eats lunch at the table with Baby Jo

In many households, this would be a normal lunchtime picture. Brother and sister eating at the table together, each of them feeding themselves their food.

In my home, this moment was enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes. My tubie with sensory processing disorder is doing a few amazing things in this picture:

1. He’s sitting at the table.
2. He is eating the same thing that his sister is eating.
3. He is feeding himself.
4. He is using a spoon.

There are many, many moments in which I question if C is making any progress at all. Are my daily efforts worth it? Is therapy working? Even though this lunchtime event only lasted three minutes before C said he was done, it was enough to show me that it is worth it. Things are working. It took nine months of therapy to achieve those three minutes. I’ll be over here cherishing them.

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