One of the things on my 30 Before 30 list was to run a 10k. There are some people for whom running comes naturally. They can easily run long distances with little to no training.

Ready for our 10k
It’s 5:45am and I’m ready to go!

I am not one of those people.

I have short legs and thick thighs. I train hard for months and fight for every single mile. We ran the Bellin Run in Green Bay over the weekend, and I am so proud to say that I did it! Here’s a little breakdown of the event.

10k blurry shuttle selfie
Blurry race shuttle selfie!

Miles 1-2
With over 18,000 participants, there was a lot of excitement! We anticipated a slow pace and lined up in Corral 5. Hubster didn’t train at all, and I had a bad cold for two weeks that kept me from training. My muscles screamed at me for those two miles – make it stop!

Mile 3
The spectators for this race are simply awesome. You had families cheering in lawn chairs, elderly men offering runners a cool splash of water from the garden hose, and little kids with encouraging messages scribbled on signs. My muscles loosened, I enjoyed some momentum from the downhill part of the course, and the energy from the crowd lightened my spirit. By the time we hit that 3.1 mark, I had crushed my 5k personal record by FIVE minutes!

Ready for the Bellin Run

Mile 4
Just like every training run, I hit a wall in mile 4. I battled a brief side ache after a water station, but walked through it and kept going. Hubster really coached me through this one, and that’s when I realized that he is one of those natural runners that I mentioned earlier. (Curses!)

Miles 5-6
Whew. One foot in front of the other. I started to get into my head during this stretch. It was one spectator’s encouraging words (“Did I see a smile? There you go! You GOT this!”) that brought me out of my head. I smiled, thanked him, dug deep and started running a little faster.

Mile 6-6.2: The Final Stretch!
Hubster was pushing me to finish strong. The crowd at the finish line clapped and cheered for all of us. I tried to run quickly to the finish line, but had to slow down for those last 150 yards or so because I felt nauseous. Then it happened – I heard those beeps from our chips as we crossed the finish line!

I did it! First 10k complete

My official race time was 1:23:55. I had a goal of 1:30, so I am very pleased! We did it!

The next challenge: a half-marathon in September. I might be a little crazy.

Bellin Run Finishers!

9 thoughts on “30 Before 30: #6 Run a 10k

  1. I am so very proud of you!!! Way to go Kristin! Don’t let anything stop you. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to and you are proving that!

  2. So exciting! I’m a natural sprinter, but running distances does not come easily to me. I’m running my first 10K in September – the Brewers Mini and 10K! Eek! Thank goodness I have three months to prepare.

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