When a friend of mine told me about Bryan Haltom’s case, I felt that the least I could do was to offer a platform for this mother who continues to seek justice for her son nearly 18 years after his death. Lynn shares her story below. Please look carefully at Bryan’s picture. He was driving that car when he was murdered.

Please read and share. I can’t imagine the pain that Bryan’s mother, Lynn, endures.

Thank you.

Bryan Haltom
Bryan Haltom

18-year-old Bryan Haltom had his whole life ahead of him. In the early hours of July 17, 1996, he was on his way home. Only he never made it home. Instead, he was shot through the heart on the side of Highway 67 just North of Spencer, Indiana.

As we approach the 18th anniversary of his death, so many questions are left unanswered. Why was this teenager murdered? Why was a mother left without her only child? Does someone know what happened that night?

Bryan has not been forgotten. Answers are still being sought. Someone somewhere does know what happened that night. We will continue to fight in his memory until we know the truth.

If anyone has any information, please help.

Thank you isn’t saying enough in helping me seek answers on my son’s behalf,

“If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.”

If you or anyone you know has any information on Bryan’s case, please contact:

Stacy Brown, Detective – Indiana State Police

Don Vandermoere, Prosecutor

19 thoughts on “Please Help Bryan Haltom’s Family Find Justice

  1. Thank you so very much Kristin for taking time out for me and Bryan. You don’t even know us, but are willing to help.

      1. I have lived h3ar all my life almost and anytime his name comes up someonr alway mentions harly meltons nefue as he was the sherrif it wasbeasy for it to go away i think it was him from what ive always been told i could not imagine lossing my son and im sorry u have had to go thru this for so long

  2. They need to dig more in to owen county COPS they now more then they will say this town is to small Avery one knows Avery one they know wat happend but they won’t risk there family name bull s**t

  3. I think you need to contact the world renoun psychic, Sylvia Browne. If not her then there are plenty of others that are good and accurate. And of course, a lot of phoneys.

  4. Wasn’t the case going to be televised on America’s Most Wanted or another program, I can’t remember? And then, even the TV network refused to go ahead with it for some strange reason.

    1. Yes, Unsolved Mys flew me back and did a huge story on Bryan’s case. His best friend Frankie Woodruff took them everywhere around town. They spent hours doing a story. They told me that it was the best unsolved murder they had had in 11 years. (at that time). I didn’t hear anything from them and called them and they told me the case had been closed due to legal issues.

  5. I am from owen county and have always felt that someone knows what happen ans wish that aftet all these years they would cone forward so this family could have peace!

  6. I will never forget that night. Mr Coppege a man I respected was in tears telling me I could not use HWY 67 / 231. Brian and I had our last class of the day together. His funeral was sk hard and a friend of ours took it really hard. I was not sure how we were all gonna react. Now days kids get counselors and they call of school. We just had to figure it out. I remember everbody getting in their cars headed to Morgan County looking for the suspects car. Knowing in our minds the killer is in owen county.

    1. You break my heart and at the same time make me such a proud mom. It means so much that so many of you cared for Bryan like you did. Is this Jason P? You can email me anytime. Much love to you.

  7. I think it all goes back to the sheriff at the time many rumors but nothing ever investigated prayers to the haltoms

  8. What I’m about to say I have to get out because a lot of you have this belief that Spencer Police have any idea what happened and they don’t. And as a mother I would want to know.

    There will more than likely never be any answers to this case. The shooter was not known by anyone involved. And Bryan was shot over a game of cat and mouse. The shooter’s motive was road rage. He will more than likely never be found. I’ve contacted the detective with the story I was told by people who were involved. I cannot share anymore information here. I am so sorry that justice is some times blind…

  9. I remember this story growing up. I had a close friend very close to Bryan. I remember my parents talking about it and a psycho man by the name of Tim Forsythe. How their were “rumors” of his car being hidden under a large thing of gravel bc he had recently just purchased duplexes off of county club road. Then named the road Forsythe Lane and redid the road after he had the gravel for a long time. Tim was/is a bad man. He did a lot of horrible crazy things to our family growing up. And still to this day believe he had something to do with it.

  10. That day stays in my mind ,for myself and a friend were with him at the fair grounds that night he left to take his friend home. I will never forget where I was when I heard the news, it was one of the saddest days I remember from growing up we all were good kids yes we done what any teenage kids do. Got into trouble . Normal teens. I remember going to the funeral there was SO many people couldn’t move and so many BEAUTIFUL flowers. No one could believe what was going on. No one ever thought living where we lived nothing would happen like this. One of my good friends was dating Bryan at the time . So sad.. so sad. Gone way to soon.. But NEVER forgotten..

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