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I’ve been on a mission to switch to natural personal care products. With C’s health problems, using natural ingredients has become very important to me. I have made my own laundry detergent and my own toothpaste, but deodorant? I haven’t dared to go there yet. I naturally sweat – a lot – and I have a fear of putting a natural deodorant to the test only to have it fail me midday. I have a fear of smelling funky! What I did not realize is that Tom’s of Maine has an anti-perspirant. Game. On. Let’s get #FreshNaturally!

Can Tom's of Maine Anti-perspirant keep up with me #FreshNaturally #shop #cbias

Like most moms, my summer is super busy. We signed C up for a few classes to keep him occupied (gymnastics, swim, group therapy for picky eaters). This has resulted in me running around trying to get C, Baby Jo, and me from appointment to appointment every single day of the week! Today I challenged Tom’s of Maine anti-perspirant to see if it could keep up with me on an average day.

My Thursday started with 3-year-old C climbing on me and sneezing directly in my face. It was a good indication of the next couple of hours, as my two little monsters had me in a full sweat before we even left for the gym! Baby Jo turned her breakfast yogurt into a scramble for a post-breakfast bath before we rushed out the door.

Baby Jo turns breakfast yogurt into post-breakfast bath. #FreshNaturally #shop #cbias

I was impressed that Tom’s of Maine held up through my workout. With one hour of my Group Power barbell strength training class followed by a three-mile run, I worked up an excellent sweat. I didn’t stink, though!

We rushed home for lunch before Baby Jo’s nap. After a quick shower and reapplication of my Tom’s deodorant, it was time to chase C around the house to get his headphones on for listening therapy. We do this little routine twice each day and he runs away from me every time.

C has listening therapy. #FreshNaturally #shop #cbias

Success! Thirty minutes of listening therapy, then another chase to get him to the couch for his afternoon tube feeding. That particular shenanigan takes place three to four times each day. *sigh* We dropped Baby Jo off at Nana’s and arrived to C’s occupational and speech therapy just in time. C worked really hard this week!

C goes on zip line during therapy. #FreshNaturally #shop #cbias

The weather was a breezy, sunny 70 degrees tonight, so we headed out for a little family jog on the trail. It was a perfect way to end the day and to give Tom’s deodorant one more test.

Jogging with the kids #FreshNaturally #shop #cbias

I’m happy to report that it passed the test. I didn’t suffer from any embarrassing body odor today! Tom’s deodorant was so easy to order from Amazon that I’ve already ordered my next stick. An active mom always needs to be prepared!

Ordering Tom's deodorant on Amazon #FreshNaturally #shop #cbias

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