She has curly hair, right?

Curly hair

A strange coincidence happened to me this week. One hundred miles from where I grew up, and nearly 20 years later, I discovered that one of my children’s favorite line therapists is the little sister of a boy I had a crush on in middle school. She and her brother lived across the street from one of my best friends at the time. When she told her brother about it and asked if he remembered me, he replied, “She has curly hair, right?”

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Want to WIN tickets to LEGO KidsFest in Milwaukee?

Disclosure: I am receiving complimentary tickets to attend this event. The opinions below are entirely my own.

LEGO KidsFest

Do you and your kids love playing with LEGO bricks? I love the creativity that LEGO inspires. Toys that encourage creativity are important for our family. With two children on the autism spectrum, we always look for ways to push them toward creativity and innovation. It’s fun to watch C and Jo build with LEGO kits and adapt their creations into new things.

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{KWW} No Step Stool Required

No Step Stool Required

How did my baby get so big? In the blink of an eye – or, more accurately, 5+ years of sleep deprivation – he changed from a tiny baby in my arms to a boy who can use the bathroom sink by himself. No step stool required.

An Unexpected Visitor Darkens The Door

An unexpected visitor darkens the door

An unexpected visitor arrived last night. It’s the unwanted relative in my life that shows up without warning. He bursts in without knocking and loudly announces his presence. He pulls up a chair and expects me to drop everything and entertain him. When I try to move into the other room, he dodges in front of me so that I cannot escape. He towers over me, surrounding me in his shadow.

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