C Creates a Game to Help Baby Jo Avoid a Meltdown {Video}

C has come so far in therapy since June. His interactions with Baby Jo have changed drastically for the better. It has been fascinating for me to watch him with her lately, because he is very in tune to her needs. Much like C, Baby Jo is experiencing a behavioral decline in the same timeframe as her autism diagnosis. He talks her through things that upset her, comforts her during distress, and even helps redirect her attention. In this video, C creates a game to help Baby Jo avoid a meltdown by redirecting.

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We Have Two Wonderful, Beautiful Children with Autism

Baby Jo and C are the best of friends

Our son, C, was diagnosed with autism last year at the age of 3. Our daughter, Baby Jo, was diagnosed with autism today at the age of 2. We have two wonderful, beautiful children with autism. They are bright, kind-hearted, funny, warm children. C loves cars, trucks and planes. Baby Jo loves cars, Minnie Mouse and Minions. C is a master of puzzles. Baby Jo loves to dance. Their personalities are as unique and varied as that of neurotypical children. My children are autistic and awesome.

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On Having a Little Hope and Preparing for Baby Jo’s Autism Evaluation

I was starting to feel desperate last week regarding my experience tapering off my antidepressant. Thankfully, I have received a bit of direction from my family doctor. I would have preferred to begin a new medication to slowly replace what I am tapering from, but that looks like it is not an option since I don’t have a psychiatrist. It’s a relief that I have a little hope now that I’m not navigating this process on my own, though. I’m currently on 5 mg of escitalopram and my symptoms are not quite as severe.

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On complete frustration with mental health care.

Today I went from elation and relief to a minor breakdown to feeling alienated and alone.

About two years ago when I had successfully tapered off antidepressants after my second round of postpartum mood disorders, my psychiatrist told me that he was moving to the east coast for a teaching position. That is precisely how I ended up seeing my primary care physician about my current depression. Last week I ended up in the ER because of an adverse drug reaction to generic Lexapro (escitalopram).

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I’ve Still Got a Lot of Fight Left in Me

I've Still Got a Lot of Fight Left in Me

There is nothing better than squeezing these little faces after a tough day. Tears fell just before I snagged that picture last night. I spent yesterday morning in a hospital bed. The official diagnosis is an adverse drug reaction to generic Lexapro, but that doesn’t seem to properly classify what I’m feeling. I’ll detail my symptoms below for anyone who is going through something similar. I know I was scouring the Internet on Wednesday night to find out if anyone had the same effects from escitalopram (Lexapro) that I have. I feel a little defeated and a lot tired, but you know what? I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.

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