Coming Up for Air {Part Two}

This is the second post in a three-part series about reaching the point in C’s diagnosis and early intervention in which I am finally coming up for air. Read the first post here.

C and Baby Jo Thanksgiving 2013

When he aged out of Birth to Three, he finally started receiving good help from an Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist for his Sensory Processing Disorder. We spent so much time with them and he made a lot of progress. He was hospitalized again that summer for an inpatient video EEG and an MRI. We thought he was experiencing absent seizures. We discovered abnormal brain activity that put him at high risk for seizures, but he did not have epilepsy.

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Coming Up for Air {Part One}

Today begins a three-part series about reaching the point in C’s diagnosis and early intervention in which I am finally coming up for air. 

Baby C, Hubster and me

Deep in my heart, I always knew there was something going on with C. Babies can be difficult, but it just didn’t seem right for mine to spend most of his days and nights crying. It didn’t seem right that he would graze on a bottle throughout the day, never appear comfortable, and constantly need to be held. I think back to that time and it hurts to think about how I stifled the nagging feeling that something was wrong. The doctors told me he was okay and they must have known more than I, as a first-time mom, did.

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Nothing Like a Girls’ Weekend!

Rachel and Kristin - Nothing Like a Girls' Weekend

Photo courtesy Rachel Habegger

Two things that my husband and I have learned in our marriage is that it’s important to have time alone and it’s important to have time with friends. He has an annual camping trip with his high school friends that they excitedly plan each year. I have my fun weekend with Rachel, of To Hab & To Hold, that I look forward to each summer. I had so much fun spending the other weekend in the Twin Cities with Rachel and her family. These weekends never disappoint – there’s nothing like a girls’ weekend!

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My 5 Favorite Books About Autism and Asperger’s

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My 5 Favorite Books About Autism and Asperger's

When we got home from receiving C’s autism diagnosis, I went straight to my computer and ordered a bunch of books about ASD. I felt like there was so much I needed to learn and I had no idea where to begin. Some of them read like a textbook and others contain personal stories written by people living with autism. I personally found the latter to be most helpful. I downloaded several books through my Kindle app on Intel Tablets. It was invaluable to be able to read them anytime and anywhere. There are many nights that I bring my tablet into C’s room to read while he falls asleep. Here are my 5 favorite books about autism and Asperger’s:

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Preceded by Labels

Preceded by Labels

“Any conditions, allergies, or other things we should be aware of?” I have answered variations of this question hundreds of times. Experience has taught me to write small in order to fit everything into that little space. My sweet boy. In addition to all of the awesome qualities that 4-year-olds have, my C comes with multiple diagnoses. Gastroparesis, g-tube, sensory processing disorder, autism. There are only four things, but they pack a punch.

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Much Needed Cuddles

Much Needed Cuddles with C

Every morning, I struggle to keep C on task in order to get him out the door and to the center (for autism therapy) on time. I could tell you that this is a challenge, but that word does not quite give justice to what I face each morning. It wouldn’t describe the days I chase him around the apartment, trying to lasso a shirt over a moving target. You wouldn’t know about the times I get hit and kicked while trying to administer a tube feeding. You certainly wouldn’t expect the morning we had yesterday, when I asked him to dress himself after learning that he has been working on it at therapy and is now capable of doing so. Over an hour of crying, screaming, writhing on the floor and yelling ended in Hubster helping C to get dressed just so we could get out of the apartment on time.

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