7 ways to use baby wipes even after potty training!

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7 ways to use baby wipes even after potty training

I love wipes. They’re quick, convenient and portable. There are so many ways to use baby wipes. When the kids were in diapers, we went through several brands before finding our favorite. WaterWipes became our go-to wipe, because they’re both durable and effective without any of the harmful chemicals that may be found in other baby wipes. WaterWipes only contain two ingredients: 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

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{KWW} My Little Biker Gang

My Little Biker Gang

For a long time, I wasn’t sure how long it would take for C to learn to push the pedals on a bike. His muscle tone and coordination just wasn’t there. He worked on it at his therapy center and soon he was zooming around on a trike. When he opened his Christmas gift and saw this Cars bike, he was thrilled. He and his little sister love riding around on their bikes. It’s funny how a little childhood thing like riding bikes can easily be taken for granted. I’m so proud of these two! Here’s my little biker gang. 😉

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How many DIY projects can I finish in one weekend?

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DIY Projects

You all know how I feel about camping? That camping is staying in a hotel without WiFi? So it’s no surprise that I took advantage of the opportunity to stay home this weekend and work on my gigantic list of DIY projects! The previous homeowners were pretty rough on this house and I’ve enjoyed sprucing up the place. After living in university housing for many years, it is an awesome feeling to have something of our own that I can work on! I decided to tackle the kids’ rooms and main bathroom while everyone was gone. C and Jo are upset by small changes in their environment so I wanted to finish before they returned.

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{KWW} My Messy Diva

Messy diva

Perhaps I was spoiled with my super-tidy, anal retentive firstborn. I didn’t realize that children could be so messy! My messy diva is teaching me to take deep breaths and just roll with it. Heaven knows I’m just like my firstborn when it comes to this kind of thing. 😉

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3 Reasons to Enjoy Family Pizza Night with Papa Murphy’s

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3 Reasons to Enjoy Family Pizza Night with Papa Murphy's #NothingButChicken #ad

There’s a familiar chorus in our home. I usually hear it when I announce, “Kids, it’s dinner time!” The chorus echoes, “I don’t like that! I don’t want that!” Does this happen in your home, too? It brings such feelings of joy and warmth, doesn’t it? Ha! There is one thing I serve that changes their tune. When I put Papa Murphy’s Pizza on the table for family pizza night, I’m met with smiling faces and, “Thank you, Mom!” It works every time, y’all. Try it! Besides the obvious (family harmony), here are three reasons to enjoy family pizza night with Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza:

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Why We Chose to Delay Kindergarten for a Year

Why we chose to delay kindergarten for a year

Our son turned five in April, so we knew that this fall he would be headed to kindergarten. That’s what 5-year-olds do, after all. They go off to kindergarten with their peers. Did you know that kindergarten lasts all day now? It’s not just a few short hours like when we were kids. That means that my 5-year-old with autism would be in school all day, then go to his center-based therapy for two hours to continue developing his life skills and social skills. It’s a big commitment for a little fella who, my gut told me, may not be ready to handle the transition.

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