When it’s hard to treasure every moment, because of autism.

When It's Hard to Treasure Our Days Together

As parents, we love our children with all of our being. They are so much a part of us that we feel joy when they smile and pain when they cry. We are bombarded with messages to treasure every moment. Life is fleeting. Our children are only young for a short amount of time. That’s true; but sometimes it is hard to treasure our days together. There is another truth that I have come to know. Sometimes, autism can be an asshole.

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Take a day to explore places you’ve never been with your kids

We’ve lived in the same city for three years, but there are so many places we’ve never been. Last weekend, we spent a whole day just exploring new destinations with our kids and it was so much fun!

There is a coffee shop with an indoor playground for kids. YES. What a brilliant idea! It was just as fun as it sounds.

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Trail running soothes my soul.

Trail Running Soothes My Soul

Baby Jo skipped to the stroller. “Sto-luh, sto-luh!”

It’s time for a run.

We hit the trail. My muscles stretched and loosened as I warmed up. Baby Jo welcomed every creature we passed. “Hi, bird! Hi, goose!”

My pace quickened and I fell into a rhythm. I was lulled by the sound of my feet hitting the pebble trail, my breath steadily flowing in and out. Baby Jo gently fell asleep. The wind rustled through the trees. That sound calms my mind in a way that no other sound can. A praise song rose up within as the wind and the trees made my soul dance.

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Climb Out of the Darkness with Postpartum Progress: Why I Climb

Climb Out of the Darkness 2015 Team Green Bay

Have you heard the buzz about Postpartum ProgressClimb Out of the Darkness 2015 and wonder what it is all about? I am leading a climb in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is why I lead Team Green Bay. This is why I climb.

Each year, 1 in 7 women face maternal mental illness. That is a staggering statistic. In my personal experience, I’ve learned that once you face maternal mental illness once, you are likely to experience it again. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression nearly eight months after C was born. I fell through the cracks the first time. My OBGYN only asked me if I was “feeling depressed” at my 6-week appointment. There is so much more to depression than feeling depressed.

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(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Small Choices Add Up

Small Choices Add Up

Weight loss does not come easily for me. Antidepressants caused significant weight gain. Combine that with PCOS and I’m left with a tremendous challenge. You know what I like? Challenges. All the small choices that you make add up. One mistake will not derail your efforts as long as you keep focusing on healthy choices.

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