{KWW} “Books” from the car dealership are the best books.

Books from the car dealership

In my sweet C’s world, there is nothing cooler than cars. He loves to visit car dealerships now. We walk through the lots. When the dealership is open, he goes inside and looks at the cars on the floor. Sometimes he even brings home the books for various vehicles and studies them as if they were academic works. His excitement is contagious!

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Our Review of Mikey by Mindee Pinto & Judy Cohen: He Loves It!

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The way I see it, autism is a type of neurology. It is not something to keep secret, be ashamed of or hide. Autism is a part of our children and it makes them who they are. I decided shortly after C was diagnosed that we would be honest with him about his diagnosis. We wouldn’t hide this from him. When my mother-in-law gifted this book to C for his birthday, I was excited. “Mikey,” by Mindee Pinto and Judy Cohen, is a book about, “a day at school through the eyes of a child with autism.”

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Special One-on-One Time

Special one on one time

Do you look at your kids and think, “How did you get this big?!” I can’t believe how quickly they are growing up. I want to treasure them at each age. We like to have special one-on-one time with each of our children once in a while. I think it’s important when you have more than one child to give each of them a special day that is all about them. Thanks to my parents, we had the opportunity to do that this weekend! It’s fun to see the excitement in the kids’ eyes when we give them the opportunity to choose their own adventure.

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{KWW} They liked the sliding stairs.

Kids at the Packers Hall of Fame

I have a funny little autism story to share with you today. It’s one of those things I can’t help but chuckle about. My kids’ interests are a little different from other kids. If you know my kids, this won’t surprise you at all! It’s not bad or better or a reason to make fun. It’s just different and that’s totally okay!

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A Yard, a Neighbor and Life Lessons

A Yard To Play In

“Can we play outside?” My kids would spend all their hours outside if they could. We finally have a space for our kids to play safely. They have space to run, climb, jump and explore. We have a yard to play in and neighbors to play with, which presented a new aspect of parenting for me this week.

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