Mother’s Day

I didn’t feel right about titling this post, “Happy Mother’s Day!” You may not be feeling happy today. You may be struggling with infertility, loss, broken relationships, or mental illness. This day might not be a source of happiness, but of pain. I want you to know that I’m wrapping my arms around you today. You are loved.

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Baby C is now 7 Months Old!

Tenacious, curious, inquisitive.

C and Mommy at 1 year

Analytical, creative, empathetic.

C and K taking a rest at Animal Kingdom

Affectionate, intelligent, entertaining.

C is 3.5 years old

Mischievous and sweet.

Moving With Two Autistic Children

This is five.


Baby Jo Newborn 2

Strong. Smart. Funny.

Baby Jo with 1-year smash cake

Adventurous. Compassionate. Joyful.

Baby Jo is 18 months old

Sweet. Cuddly. Loving.

Baby Jo loves Pampers

Singing. Laughing. Smiling.

On Discovering Baby Jo's Milk Allergy

A tiny voice. A sparkle in her eyes.

Baby Jo catches air

This is three.

How strong is Charmin Ultra Strong?

Distributing the Charmin Ultra Strong #EnjoyTheGo AD

Have you ever tried wiping a toddler’s behind with flimsy toilet paper? It’s not a pleasant experience. Lesser quality toilet papers shred or tear, leaving you with an even bigger mess to clean up. We’ve been through potty training before. I was prepared this second time around with strong toilet paper! So just how strong is Charmin Ultra Strong? We tested it for a week to find out!

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