Get These Amazing Deals Today on Amazon Prime Day!

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Today is Amazon Prime Day! I’m super excited about the amazing deals today on Amazon. I will highlight some of the hot deals here, and to view all of them just click on any of the links in this post.

You can get the Amazon Fire at the lowest price today – just $33.33! There’s also a sweet deal on the Amazon Fire HD10 here. Interested in Amazon Fire TV? Today is the perfect day to purchase it at a great price!

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I Scream, You Scream for Kemps Ice Cream!

Serve a Tray of Kemps Ice Cream #ItsTheCows #ad

What is it about summer that makes you nostalgic? The long, sunny days. The aroma of a warm summer breeze. The carefree nights. The old-fashioned Kemps Ice Cream. It makes me think of simpler days when the only responsibility I had was to run, play and laugh. I want to fill my kids’ summers with the same carefree nostalgia and the same sweet, cold treats.

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Self-Diagnosing Autism as an Adult…Where Do I Belong?

Towing the line between grief and depression

Last fall, I came to the realization that I am on the autism spectrum. It was both crushing and eye-opening. Crushing because, how would my life have been easier if I’d had help with things that are most difficult for me? Eye-opening because my entire life to this point suddenly made sense. But now I face a new challenge that I know is not unique to me. When self-diagnosing autism as an adult, you find yourself wondering, “Where do I belong?”

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Having Children With Autism Does Not Make Me A “Martyr Mommy”

There are few things that really get to me. Working in social media, I scroll through countless offensive and generally awful things on a daily basis. You learn quickly to let things roll off your back or you’ll just feel down about things all the time. But when I came across this meme while scrolling through my personal Facebook feed, it really hit home. It says, “What if I told you autism parents are just martyr mommies?” Let me be clear: Having children with autism does not make me a “martyr mommy.”

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