The G-Tube: 2.5 Years Later {Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2016}

What I Don't Say About Being a Special Needs Mom

C had his emergency trip to the hospital in 2013, where he received his NG-tube and later a G-tube. I never imagined that he would still have his low-profile g-tube button 2.5 years later. The g-tube has become so much a part of daily life that it’s just normal. The only time I really think about it being different is when I’m asked the most common question of the past 2.5 years: “When do you think he’ll get the tube out?” Or, the less P.C. version, “So do you think he’ll ever eat by himself?”

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C Creates a Game to Help Baby Jo Avoid a Meltdown {Video}

C has come so far in therapy since June. His interactions with Baby Jo have changed drastically for the better. It has been fascinating for me to watch him with her lately, because he is very in tune to her needs. Much like C, Baby Jo is experiencing a behavioral decline in the same timeframe as her autism diagnosis. He talks her through things that upset her, comforts her during distress, and even helps redirect her attention. In this video, C creates a game to help Baby Jo avoid a meltdown by redirecting.

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We Have Two Wonderful, Beautiful Children with Autism

Baby Jo and C are the best of friends

Our son, C, was diagnosed with autism last year at the age of 3. Our daughter, Baby Jo, was diagnosed with autism today at the age of 2. We have two wonderful, beautiful children with autism. They are bright, kind-hearted, funny, warm children. C loves cars, trucks and planes. Baby Jo loves cars, Minnie Mouse and Minions. C is a master of puzzles. Baby Jo loves to dance. Their personalities are as unique and varied as that of neurotypical children. My children are autistic and awesome.

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(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: “Are you kidding me?”

Are you kidding me, Mommy?

Do you have those moments when your own snark comes back to bite you? Mine is coming back to me in the form of a little boy voice. It’s funny and frustrating and sigh-inducing. But mostly it’s funny, because…mini-me. His latest phrase of choice, which he uses correctly every time, is: “Are you kidding me?”

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Navigating the Next Step

Navigating the Next Steps

Some families are baking holiday cookies, going sledding or enjoying vacation together. We’re over here navigating the next step to take in getting Baby Jo some help. How did we get here? I’m feeling melancholy tonight. I wouldn’t change my children for the world, but I also wish that things were easier for both of them.

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