{KWW} No Step Stool Required

No Step Stool Required

How did my baby get so big? In the blink of an eye – or, more accurately, 5+ years of sleep deprivation – he changed from a tiny baby in my arms to a boy who can use the bathroom sink by himself. No step stool required.

{KWW} My Little Biker Gang

My Little Biker Gang

For a long time, I wasn’t sure how long it would take for C to learn to push the pedals on a bike. His muscle tone and coordination just wasn’t there. He worked on it at his therapy center and soon he was zooming around on a trike. When he opened his Christmas gift and saw this Cars bike, he was thrilled. He and his little sister love riding around on their bikes. It’s funny how a little childhood thing like riding bikes can easily be taken for granted. I’m so proud of these two! Here’s my little biker gang. 😉

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Why We Chose to Delay Kindergarten for a Year

Why we chose to delay kindergarten for a year

Our son turned five in April, so we knew that this fall he would be headed to kindergarten. That’s what 5-year-olds do, after all. They go off to kindergarten with their peers. Did you know that kindergarten lasts all day now? It’s not just a few short hours like when we were kids. That means that my 5-year-old with autism would be in school all day, then go to his center-based therapy for two hours to continue developing his life skills and social skills. It’s a big commitment for a little fella who, my gut told me, may not be ready to handle the transition.

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The Rhythm of Our Life

C and Jo in their attitude pajamas

Our life has a very distinct rhythm. It slowly took shape a few years ago. With our two children on the autism spectrum, I imagine it may always be this way.* The rhythm of our life takes two steps forward and one step back. I still celebrate the steps forward but am no longer blissfully ignorant to the step back that awaits.

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