{KWW} Let’s Take a Picture

Let's Take a Picture

“Let’s take a picture, Mommy! Like this!” C made the snapping motion to take a picture as I clicked the button to take a selfie, or an “us”-ie. We snuggled for a few minutes in the giant bean bag chair that he sometimes uses as a crash pad.

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C’s First Day of School

First Day of School 4K

“Wait – didn’t you say you weren’t putting him in kindergarten this year?” You’re right. We decided to delay kindergarten for one year and take advantage of all that one more year of intensive ABA therapy can provide for C. However, we also discovered the option of putting him into 4K for a few hours each week. In 4K, he could experience a neurotypical classroom, neurotypical peers, classroom expectations, and his special education services, but not a demanding daily school schedule. This decision turned out to be a great one. Today is C’s first day of school!

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We’re not getting much sleep, but it’s still worth it.

As parents, a glimmer of joy is worth a mountain of challenges.

If you have a child with autism, you may know that sleep disturbances are very common among autistic individuals. C had a sleep study before he was diagnosed with autism and – surprise! – they didn’t find anything. He was just a 2-year-old who sat up and cried, while still clinically asleep, rolled around, talked, yelled, kicked and punch the air, and woke countless times throughout the night. He sleeps so lightly that you might ask him a question and he’ll answer you.

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{KWW} No Step Stool Required

No Step Stool Required

How did my baby get so big? In the blink of an eye – or, more accurately, 5+ years of sleep deprivation – he changed from a tiny baby in my arms to a boy who can use the bathroom sink by himself. No step stool required.