(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Girls Weekend and #TwinCities Color Run

I went to the Twin Cities this weekend to spend time with one of my favorite people in the world. It’s hard to believe that my friend, Rachel of To Hab & To Hold, and I have only known each other for two years. She’s one of those people that I feel like I’ve known forever.

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(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Best Friends in the Hall

Baby Jo wanted to walk to the car on her own. C proudly took her hand and they walked down the hall together. I hung back a little and simply admired the sweetness of their friendship.

Siblings holding hands in the hallway

Girls’ Weekend: A Fantastic Break From Reality

I had the pleasure of having a kids-free weekend with one of my best friends, Rachel (To Hab & To Hold). It was Hubster’s annual camping weekend with his high school friends and my in-laws agreed to watch our kids so that we could both have a very much needed weekend with our friends.

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30 Before 30: #23 Meet an Online Friend in Person

In the past year, I’ve made awesome connections with some really amazing women in the blogosphere.  One of my 30 Before 30 goals was to meet one of them in person.

I met a fellow Mamavation Sista back in August.  I had just pledged to the Mamavation Sistahood and realized that Rachel (@rachhabs, To Hab & To Hold) lives about 2 hours from me, and only about 40 minutes from my parents.  We met up for lunch with our kids, and I knew right away that the woman was flippin’ awesome.

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Packing for a Girls’ Weekend!

I’m packing for my first ever girls’ weekend!  That’s right, I’m 25 and I have never been on a girls-only weekend.  Crazy, right?  Well, my friend R and I have been planning this for months.  You see, our husbands are old high school buddies and every year they go on a camping trip.  That means every year, R and I get stuck at home for a weekend solo with the kiddos.  This year, we finally decided, “Hey, this is nuts.  WE should get a weekend of our own, too!”

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Visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary

One of my best friends from college, who actually was the maid of honor in my wedding, lives in our new city.  We decided to meet up yesterday at the local wildlife sanctuary so that C could enjoy the animals.  It was so awesome to see her again after two years, and C loved her!  He let L carry him around to check out all the animals. :)

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We Love Our Home State!

Hubster and I are absolutely loving being back in our home state.  We’ve been able to catch up with many family members and friends.  We joke that in one month of living here, we’ve had more visitors than in the two years that we lived in a neighboring state!

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When Friends Are Like Family

Last night, we celebrated my friend’s bachelorette party and it was a blast!  I’ve known L and her fiance, J, since college.  J was Hubster’s roommate for two years, before they both got involved in residence life.  L, J, Hubster and I used to have a couple’s night about once per week.  It was so much fun, and we all became very good friends.  L and J are one of the few non-blood-relatives in my life that I know would be there for me no matter what.  Life could take a million big shits on my face and they’d still be hanging around with their noses plugged.

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When Do You Decide To Let Go?

We’ve all had friendships end.  Some end abruptly with an argument, others simply fade.  The ones that fade can be as difficult as the ones that end dramatically.

A couple friendships that I once held dear seem to have faded away.  I don’t know how it happened, and I can’t recall when it started.  I’ve tried to reach out, even when the idea of putting myself out there was terrifying.   I didn’t know what to say or where to start.  A text wasn’t returned.  A Facebook post was ignored.  A birthday gave me the opportunity to leave a voicemail.

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On Living Far Away

Sometimes it makes me sad that we live far away from our family and close friends.  I wish that we could just jump in the car and attend every birthday party, life event, holiday or random get-together.  We thought a six-hour drive was difficult when we moved here…but then we had C, and it is exponentially more difficult.  There is so much stuff to pack and plan for, and the drive is so much longer with him.  He hates being confined to his carseat, forcing us to make numerous stops and endure his loud protests.  PPD and 6-7+ hours in a car with an angry baby do NOT mix.

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