DIY Bath Salts Guest Post at Teachable Mommy

Hop over to Teachable Mommy, where I’m writing about how to make your own Coconut Lavender Bath Salts!

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Coconut Lavender Bath Salts

Guest Post at Things I Can’t Say

I’m thrilled to be guest posting today for the lovely Shell at Things I Can’t Say. She has an awesome blog that I’ve been following for a long time. Please click over and check it out! :)

Maternity Swimwear: A Marriage of Style and Comfort by Kristen Hurst {Guest Post}

There was a time during my first pregnancy that maternity swim wear was relegated to a swath of dull and unflattering colors, a one-size-fits all mentality, where suits were a function over form design. This need not be the case anymore. As a matter of fact, today’s modern maternity swimwear is comfortable, cute and for under $100, very cost-effective.

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Something’s Gotta Give by Jen Novotny {Guest Post}

My wonderful sister-in-law, Jen, wrote this post for us today! She writes over at On The Night You Were Born, she has three beautiful girls, and she’s super awesome. Show her some love for me! :) 

Long before we had three kids, I remember saying to my cousin (who’s like my sister), “I have what I think must be the perfect job situation — I work part-time, my kids aren’t even home when I work, and yet I still can’t find time for some things. Other moms work full-time, and still have to cook and clean and do laundry and all the same things that I do. How on earth would I do it all if I had to work full-time when I can’t even do it all now working part-time! Something would have to give, but I don’t know what!”

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Stress Management for Busy Moms by Nicole Connolly, PhD {Guest Post}

I’m happy to welcome Nicole Connolly, PhD, today to talk about reducing stress in light of Mental Health Awareness Month. I must say, motherhood has brought me more stress than anything else has! ;) Thank you for being here, Nicole!

If you are like the typical mom, you are on the go from the moment your feet hit the ground.  Between family, work, and household demands, stress can begin to accumulate quickly, with little time left over to manage it.

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10 Low-Cost Mood Boosters by Pauline Wiles {Guest Post}

PaulineWilesToday, I’m happy to introduce you to author Pauline Wiles! Pauline writes articles on lifestyle and organizing and when she offered to write a post about low-cost mood boosters, I was excited to read her ideas. Enjoy!

For the days when you’re feeling just a little bit blue, taking action before your mood sinks further can be really helpful. But that doesn’t mean buying shoes or feasting on chocolate cake. Below are some calorie-free, low-cost options for lifting your spirits.

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Having Another Baby After a Postpartum Mood Disorder by Dr. Jessica Michaelson {Guest Post}

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Jessica Michaelson. I’m so happy to have her here to write about a topic that I struggled over – deciding to have another baby after a postpartum mood disorder. If you’re currently making that decision, I hope you’ll find this post very helpful. Thank you, Dr.!

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Preparing for Baby: Tips for Freezer Meals by BunkinMama {Guest Post}

Today, I’m happy to introduce BunkinMama! When she found out that I was looking for guest posts, she asked right away what I needed help with and I’m so thankful. :) Enjoy her tips for freezer meals!

Congratulations to Kristin and her family on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!

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Strengthening My Self-Identity and the Transition to Parenting by Kathy Morelli {Guest Post}

I’m honored to have Kathy Morelli, LPC, here today to share her story about her transition to parenting. I met Kathy through #PPDChat, and she is an excellent advocate for those suffering from PPMDs. Thank you for being here, Kathy!

Growing up when I did was confusing- to say the least. My parents were raised
with a traditional mindset that valued stay at home moms in the 50s; women of my
mom’s generation were taught to believe that SAH parenting was the “right” thing
to do.

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Call For Guest Posts

Help Wanted

As you may or may not know, I’m going to have a baby on May 6. ;)  Based on my previous experience with a cute, squishy newborn baby, I expect that she’s going to keep me quite busy for a while.  I probably won’t even know what day it is for a couple of weeks.

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PPD, PPMDs and Some Not-So-Common Symptoms

Spreading awareness about PPD and other postpartum mood disorders (PPMDs) is something that is very close to my heart.  If it wasn’t for another blogger sharing her experience with a PPMD, I wouldn’t have realized that I needed help.  I didn’t experience symptoms that one might typically associate with depression.  I didn’t “feel” depressed.  Here are some of the not-so-common symptoms of PPMDs that I’d like to share with you:

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Guest Post on Mama’s Comfort Camp

Mama's Comfort Camp

Today, I’m guest posting over at Mama’s Comfort Camp!

My friend, Yael Saar, is a mama on a mission to remove guilt and shame from parenting. She is the Founder and Keeper of the Mama’s Comfort Camp, a Facebook community that functions as a safe haven and refueling station for hundreds of moms from around the world. This community is free and open to moms of kids of any age, and we share our laughter, tears, and triumphs, all the while normalizing motherhood struggles and bridgeing the gap between expectations and reality in a uniquely nurturing environment.

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Raising A Special Needs Child In An Intolerant Society by Rachel Habegger {Guest Post}

I’m excited to introduce my friend, Rachel, to you today.  She and her husband blog about family life and their fitness journey on their blog, To Hab & To Hold.  Thank you for being here to share your precious boy’s story, Rachel!

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My Years of Transition by Anna Stindt {Guest Post}

I’m happy to have my friend, Anna, posting here today.  Anna is a social worker and mom to a 17-month-old son.  Thank you for being here, Anna! - Odd years have been good to me & I hope for the same in 2013.
  • 2003- graduated high school
  • 2007- graduated college
  • 2009- graduated from my master’s & got married
  • 2011- my son was born
  • 2013- starts our new adventure…
My husband recently got a job about 120 miles from where we currently live. Since, end of November we have started our 2013 transition of moving to a new city. We have been staying with our parents at either location due to holiday travel has well. I have to say my 17-month-old has handled it very well. A few things I have done that I think was helpful:
  • Familiar toys at both location
  • kept to his usual routine of eating & sleeping
  • have his security item (blanket/ puppy) with us at all times
  • either mom or dad have been with him everyday.

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Looking for Guest Posts

We’re headed to sunny Florida in early January, and I’m looking for guest post submissions!  I realize that this is short notice, but if you’re interested in being featured here between January 4-11, I’d be happy to have you.

I got caught up in the hoopla of the holidays and forgot to request submissions from you fine folks!  If you’d like to write a guest post here, please email me at  Posts must be finalized and sent to me by noon CST on Wednesday, January 2nd.

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Interview at Tiny Blue Lines

The lovely Chaunie at Tiny Blue Lines interviewed me!  Check it out here.

Preparing for the Arrival of a Newborn by Katie Moore {Guest Post}

Katie Moore is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.

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The Lasting Effects of Postpartum Depression by Delilah Love {Guest Post}

Hey y’all! You can call me Delilah! I’m the mommy to 5, wife to 1, and warden to a psychotic dog! I’m a
self-confessed socially awkward, southern girl with sass. I share my sometimes-successful attempts at domestication, motherhood, and life in general on my blog, Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama. I’m definitely not the next June Cleaver but my kids are still alive, my house hasn’t been condemned and I still have all my own hair. I’m just a mom- that’s my superpower. Welcome to my Semi-Domesticated Life.  I hope you brought wine.

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Guest Posting at Growing Up Geeky

Melissa, aka Mama G, at Growing Up Geeky was kind enough to invite me to guest post today while she enjoys a much-deserved vacation!  You may view my post here.  Be sure to check out her site. She posts lots of pictures of her super adorable daughter, Carina. :)

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Guest Posting at PPD to Joy

Today, I am guest posting at PPD to Joy about experiencing anger and anxiety during PPD.  Check out my post here!  PPD to Joy is written by the wonderful Yael Saar, whose work has no doubt been invaluable to many others including myself.

Yael Saar of survived postpartum depression twice, and became a mama on a mission to remove guilt, shame, and blame from parenting. Her Facebook group Mama’s Comfort Camp has over 150 mamas from all over the world supporting each other with self-care and self-kindness. I’m a member of the group and I love it. You can ask to join the group here.  Yael will soon be teaching her (Not)Secret (Not)Weapon online class about disarming anxiety and anger with practical bodymind methods and emotional safety nets. How cool is that? Check it out at

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Guest Posting at The Fussy Baby Site

I’m guest posting at The Fussy Baby Site today!  Check it out! :)

Another Call for Guest Bloggers!

We’ve moved once…and we’ll be moving again!  I’m looking for guest bloggers for June 20-26 while we move from our temporary housing to our apartment.

Please pass this along via Twitter and/or Facebook to anyone you think might be interested!

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Your Child, The Social Justice Advocate by Jon Tingley {Guest Post}

Today, I’m happy to introduce Jon Tingley.  Jon was a coworker of Hubster’s during the past two years, and I’m honored to call him a friend.  He’s a writer and higher education professional. On his blog at he focuses on topics including social justice, student affairs and social media. Below, he shares his perspective on how you can talk to your child about issues related to social justice.  Thank you, Jon!

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Becoming a Working Mom by Anna S. {Guest Post}

Anna, a college friend of mine, is here today to tell us about her surprise entry into motherhood and how she balances being a mom and working full-time.  Anna and her husband are also raising their son in a residence hall.  I had to laugh at her hubby’s reaction to her positive pregnancy test – that was Hubster’s exact reaction as well!  Thank you for being here, Anna!

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Butterfly Lessons by Lauren Hale {Guest Post}

When I first shared here that I had been diagnosed with postpartum depression, Lauren Hale found my post and notified the #ppdchat Twitter army to rally around me.  I was overcome by the love and support that I received from strangers, and was so happy to find a community of women who embraced me for who I am.  I’m honored to share this post that Lauren wrote for you today.

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Finding The Truth by Leelah Orion {Guest Post}

Today, I’m happy to welcome Leelah, who has recently started blogging about making it while raising a family.  She writes from the heart, and I really appreciate her being here today.

This is my first guest blog; I’m really nervous about it. I’m rather new to the blogging world. My blog is called Baby Steps. It’s mostly just a place to get out of my head but I hope one day it will stand up with the greats.

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I Never Used To Care Much About Music by Charity Cole {Guest Post}

I’m happy to introduce you to Charity, a wonderful, strong woman I’ve had the opportunity to meet through #ppdchat on Twitter.  She puts her soul into her writing, and it’s beautiful.  Thank you for being here today, Charity!

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Impossible Expectations of Mother’s Day by Jen {Guest Post}

I met today’s blogger, Jen, through #ppdchat on Twitter.  I’m constantly amazed by her positive spirit and her ability to rally around all of those who are struggling.  Thank you for being here today, Jen!

I’m Jen of the blog  I have been happily married to my best friend for 9 years.  We have two girls who I refer to as Munch (4 ½ year old) and Skeeter (19 months old) on my blog.  My husband and I try to juggle parenting, professional responsibilities and housework.  I started my blog to help other moms who were struggling with postpartum mood disorders.  I received so much support from the online community that I felt called to pay it forward.  I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression seven months after the birth of my youngest, Skeeter.   I met Kristin through #ppdchat.  We bonded over our lovely home state of Wisconsin.  I am so excited that she will be moving back to the land of beer and cheese.  I am looking forward to getting the chance to meet her and her adorable C when she is settled into her new digs.  Thank you so much for letting me post and get a chance to vent about a family member who sometimes reads my blog. 

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Why New Parents Must Go To Yard Sales by Jason Ross {Guest Post}

I’m pleased to welcome Jason Ross today!  His blog is filled with awesome parenting tips, and I enjoy reading his perspective.  Thanks for being here, Jason!

Jason Ross is a proud father of a 1 year old daughter, Abby, and blogging partner of Lauren Ross.  Not too long after his daughter was born he began blogging on Ordinary Parent as a way to offer his thoughts, opinions, and stories of parenthood that may help other parents, or expectant parents, along their journey.  His wife, Lauren, joins him with frequent posts as well. They are a couple ordinary parents, offering their advice for other ordinary parents. 

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Tips For A Happy Move by Marisa {Guest Post}

My friend, Marisa, is taking the reigns today with our first guest post!  She has some excellent tips for those of us who find ourselves moving this summer.  Thank you for being here, Marisa!

Hi, friends and followers of Little Mama Jama! I’m Marisa, college friend of Kristin and blogger over at count on me for life, where I write about life as a medical student’s/doctor’s significant other and my adventures with my husband-to-be. Thank you for letting me be part of your blog!

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Seeking Guest Bloggers!

We have two big moves coming up in the next two months, and I’d love to have some guest bloggers to feature during that time.

I’m looking for posts from guest bloggers for the period of May 21-28 and June 20-26.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post (or two!) for me, please comment here, via email, or find me on Facebook or Twitter!

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Guest Post: DIY Baby Wipes by SupermomInTheMaking

Today, we have another guest post from my friend Rachel, from Supermom In The Making.  She blogs about the adventures of making it work with two hands and three babies.  Rachel is a mom to three children under the age of two, including 1-year-old twin girls.  Below, she teaches us how to save money by making our own baby wipes.  Enjoy!

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