Extreme Transformation: My Week 1 Results

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Extreme Transformation

I have struggled with my weight and body image since adolescence. My weight fluctuated and even when I was fit, I wasn’t comfortable or confident. I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after college. Suddenly, my hormonal imbalances, the ease of gaining weight, and the near impossibility of losing weight all made sense. My struggles with antenatal and postpartum mood disorders certainly didn’t help. I have tried many things, but I haven’t been truly successful with any of it. Even if a certain way of eating helped me feel better physically, I was still in the same destructive place mentally. It was time for a change so I started reading Chris and Heidi Powell’s Extreme Transformation.

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The G-Tube: 2.5 Years Later {Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2016}

What I Don't Say About Being a Special Needs Mom

C had his emergency trip to the hospital in 2013, where he received his NG-tube and later a G-tube. I never imagined that he would still have his low-profile g-tube button 2.5 years later. The g-tube has become so much a part of daily life that it’s just normal. The only time I really think about it being different is when I’m asked the most common question of the past 2.5 years: “When do you think he’ll get the tube out?” Or, the less P.C. version, “So do you think he’ll ever eat by himself?”

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Discovering Baby Jo’s Milk Allergy

On Discovering Baby Jo's Milk Allergy

“I sick. Tummy hurt.” Baby Jo complained about stomachaches sporadically for about eight weeks before we finally discovered her milk allergy. She was also suffering from one cold after another and I was uncertain if the two were related. Perhaps she was just swallowing mucous and getting nauseated? That happens to C every time he gets a cold. It wasn’t until she vomited eight times in one night that I knew she needed to see her doctor.

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The Kids Visit the Dentist

Baby Jo at the Dentist

Baby Jo hopped right up into the dentist’s chair. She was skeptical that the chair had the ability to move her up and down, but she opened her mouth right up for the hygienist and the dentist. Would she have been so relaxed if her first visit was a cleaning? I doubt it. On her first visit, she got to sit on my lap while the dentist peeked into her mouth, counting teeth and getting a visual for any potential concerns.

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Happy 2-year Tubie-versary, C!

Happy 2-Year Tubie-Versary, C!

Today marks C’s 2-Year Tubie-Versary! Two years ago today, he had his g-tube surgically placed. He was a 2-year-old who was off the bottom of the BMI chart and now he is a healthy, happy 4-year-old. He is in the 20th percentile for weight – the best he has been since birth. He is in the 35th percentile for height. He’s small, but mighty!

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