{KWW} Just a Guy and a Girl in a ResHall

Just a Guy and a Girl in a ResHall

It wasn’t love at first sight, but our personalities clicked immediately. We were just a guy and a girl in a ResHall, hanging out at the front desk, working on programs together and having epic late-night snowball fights with some of our friends. This picture provides the perfect window into our lives nine years ago. You would rarely find one of us without the other. Less than a week after this picture was taken, we officially started dating. I love this photo. I see that new relationship excitement in both of our eyes and it brings back those feelings. You know the ones – flutters in your stomach, heart skipping a beat.

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More Time Together

Piggy Back Ride with Daddy

The kids and I became accustomed to not seeing much of Hubster. Residence Life is an awesome, exciting, rewarding field, but it does require significant dedication and time. It’s been amazing how much our family life has already changed in the two weeks he has been in his new role in student affairs. We are enjoying more time together. We could get used to this!

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Family Adventure Day

Kids on a tractor

We lucked out with a gorgeous Friday when Hubster took off of work, C had the day off from therapy, and we had a family adventure day! We enjoyed stealing some time together. The four of us piled into the car and headed out for a day in Door County. Family adventure day started with a quick lunch at Culver’s. Side note: did you know the chicken tenders and fries are free of dairy? 

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Watching Hubster Become an Amazing Autism Dad

Hubster become an amazing autism dad

I rarely write about Hubster’s relationship with our kids. I don’t feel like it is my story to tell. These past six months, however, I have witnessed him become an amazing autism dad and that is an experience that I would like to share. Accepting an autism diagnosis is not easy. You know I had a difficult time, and I recently shared that I think it’s okay to grieve. Hubster went through his own process, as all parents do, and he has emerged as a wonderful father, teacher, advocate and comforter.

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We went glamping!

Baby Jo fearlessly climbs

Do you have a family camping or vacation tradition? Hubster’s family has set aside one week every summer for nearly 30 years to go camping as an extended family. The dedication they all have to it is pretty awesome, and I’m saying that as someone who loathes camping. There were two years that I enjoyed a few days to myself while Hubster went with one, then two kids. It was a nice solace for me before he started ResLife fall training. This year we decided to go as a family. We went glamping!

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