Free To Be Adventurous This Summer with all free clear

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by all free clear. The thoughts and opinions below are entirely my own.

Free To Be Adventurous #FreeToBe #sp

Summer is about family, outdoors, adventure, picnics and ice cream. If you are a parent or caregiver, like me, you might have just read between the lines and thought one thing: laundry. Lots of it! Being adventurous is synonymous with getting dirty. Baby Jo has mastered the art of adventure and mess-making. I use all free clear to save her clothes from her adventurous spirit. This summer, we can all be free to be adventurous – and get a little dirty – with the help of all free clear hypoallergenic detergent. Adventure can be a good thing again! Here are some of our favorite ways to be adventurous:

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When it’s hard to treasure every moment, because of autism.

When It's Hard to Treasure Our Days Together

As parents, we love our children with all of our being. They are so much a part of us that we feel joy when they smile and pain when they cry. We are bombarded with messages to treasure every moment. Life is fleeting. Our children are only young for a short amount of time. That’s true; but sometimes it is hard to treasure our days together. There is another truth that I have come to know. Sometimes, autism can be an asshole.

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For the parent who is trying their best.

Sometimes you try your hardest, but your partner walks in the door at night to find you unshowered, wearing pajamas amidst a tornado of toys, wine glass in hand and tears streaming down your face. Your partner looks across the room and sees the children, faces illuminated by the electronic devices you gave them in order to allow yourself a moment of peace.

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On the Threshold of Change

Do you ever feel like things are about to change in a big way? Like something big is about to happen and life will never be quite the same again? I felt this way before my wedding day. There was a similar feeling when I went to the hospital in labor with C, and when those two lines appeared and we discovered we would have Baby Jo. Our family is on the threshold of change and it is making me anxious.

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Some days, my heart is on my sleeve.

C standing and watching tv

Grinding his teeth, growling with his hands clenched, C came at me. On exceptionally difficult days, he is like a lion on the prowl, ready to strike at any moment. Like a lion’s prey, we need to be on constant alert as we wait for him to strike. That strike comes in different forms: hitting, head butting, squeezing, scratching or biting.

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C’s Visit to the Autism Clinic

C playing piano
Last summer, we put C’s name on a waiting list for the Waisman Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. This clinic is part of UW Health and we were told it was the best place to go in Wisconsin for a complete, holistic evaluation for an autism diagnosis. C finally had his appointment late last week. I was so anxious about it that I barely slept, and afterward I was so exhausted that with the exception of a hasty Facebook post I hid from the world.

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