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My Postpartum Body Image

I was one of the many women applauding Kate Middleton showing off her postpartum bump on the way home from having baby George. But recently I was feeling bad about myself when she “debuted” her post-baby body. She looked stunning – as always! – and I found myself looking down at my midsection and making comparisons. That’s what society has programmed us to do, right? Compare our imperfections to the seemingly perfect bodies of others?

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5 Things Every C-Section Mama Needs

first family photo in hospital 2013

I didn’t anticipate having a c-section the first time around, so I wasn’t really prepared. I remember asking my mom to run out and pick me up the tallest granny panties she could find! After experiencing two c-sections now, I’ve discovered that there are five things that are essential to recovery.

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I Made The Right Decisions

My second pregnancy brought about a lot of decisions that I needed to make. Considering my history of postpartum depression, emergency cesarean and hyperemesis, there were some difficult choices I had to make.

Taking Antidepressants as a Precaution
This time around, I was under the care of a psychiatrist. I wanted to seek out the advice of someone whose sole focus was psychotropic medication. After the horrific experience I had coming off of the last antidepressant, which was prescribed by the nurse practitioner in my former OBGYN clinic, I wasn’t going to take any chances.

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Sibling Gifts

I wrote this post before we were surprised by Baby Jo’s early arrival. Thankfully, C absolutely adores his sister!

C’s reaction to meeting Baby Deuce is going to go one of two ways:

1. “Oooo, baby!” *cue soft petting of baby’s head and attempt to kiss her*

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The One and Only Thing I (Might) Miss About Pregnancy

And by miss it, I mean I might miss this. A Little. If I ever stop getting excited about not being pregnant long enough to think about this, then maybe I’d miss it.


I might miss having my hand resting nonchalantly on my ginormous baby bump and feeling a tiny little foot rub all the way across my belly. It’s simultaneously the weirdest and coolest thing ever.

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I’m Relieved About My Repeat C-Section

As I was sitting in C’s room waiting for him to fall asleep, it occurred to me that I am not at all nervous about having this baby. Flashback to two years ago – I was almost panicky thinking about my upcoming birth. I’m slightly shocked that I’m not concerned about this one. My birth with C was quite traumatic and resulted in an emergency c-section. I expected to be a bundle of nerves for any future birth experience.

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Things I Actually Said Yesterday

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day for C and me. I was experiencing a ton of very painful contractions, and he was testing limits like WHOA. Here are some of the things that actually came out of my mouth yesterday:

  • Don’t punch mama in the eye.
  • It’s not nice to head butt mama in the belly.
  • Stop kicking me in the face.
  • Why are you touching your butt hole?
  • We don’t eat food by the toilet, especially while mama is using it.
  • That won’t plug into mama’s face.

And then there was the moment when I was leaning over the exercise ball, working through an excruciating contraction with back pain and he kept slapping my back over and over. I couldn’t speak to tell him to stop. The result? My 2-year-old made me cry.

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To Tie or Not To Tie? A Question of Tubal Ligation

“Are we just doing the c-section or are we tying your tubes as well?” My OB looked at me with eyebrows raised, waiting for an answer.

“No, just the c-section,” was my baffled reply. I hadn’t even considered that as an option. At that point, I was only 28-ish weeks. I’ve had nearly 10 weeks to think about this and I still don’t know what I want to do.

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Full On Nesting Mode!

Baby Deuce and the ol’ irritable uterus are really putting me through the ringer. For eight hours starting Friday afternoon, I had very painful contractions that were four minutes apart for several hours, then they would become irregular for thirty minutes and go back to four minutes apart. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all. I’m annoyed and stressed: annoyed that this keeps happening but goes nowhere, and stressed because if the contractions do end up being the real deal then I have so much more on my to-do list before she arrives!

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Things Are About To Change

Our family is about to grow from three to four. That’s kind of a crazy concept for me to think about. As an only child, I’m unsure how to navigate this change for C. He’s sensing that things are about to change and it’s affecting his behavior.

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Baby Deuce: Three Weeks Left!

Busting out of my maternity clothes! My belly is lopsided - Baby Deuce is saying hello to all of you!

I’m busting out of my maternity clothes. My belly is lopsided – Baby Deuce is saying hello to all of you!

How far along? 36 weeks, 1 day

Cravings: Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream, spicy Chinese food

Aversions: All vegetables, eggs, beef

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The Irritable Uterus

irritable uterus

Before you laugh, I must tell you that this is a real thing. I only recently heard about it, but yesterday I was told that I have it.

An irritable uterus.

And here I thought I was just an irritable pregnant woman experiencing a ridiculous amount of contractions!

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So. Much. Cereal.

The closer I get to the end of this pregnancy, the stronger my food aversions are getting again.  I’m eating more often due to the big ol’ uterus that’s squishing my stomach, but I have very few options of what to eat.

The one thing that always looks good? Cereal. Kix, to be exact. So now I typically have cereal for breakfast, cereal for second lunch (around 2pm) and cereal again for second dinner (before bed).

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35 Weeks: Contractions, Preparations and C’s Ear Infection

Oops, I forgot to take a picture for this week!  The past week has been pretty interesting.  I’m starting to wonder if Baby Deuce will be ready earlier than her scheduled date of arrival…

Anyway, this week we get to meet the finalists for the next Mamavation Mom campaign, and I can’t wait to see who they are!  Good luck to all of the applicants!

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Baby Deuce: 34 Week Update

Baby Deuce 34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks, 1 day

Cravings: Strawberries

Aversions: All vegetables, eggs, beef

Feeling? My depression and anxiety are back, and I’m eager for my long-awaited appointment with my psychiatrist today.  I’m also having severe pelvic and pubic bone pain, and a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions.

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C and Baby Deuce: Baby Bump Comparisons!

I thought it might be fun to look back at all of the weekly updates I made when I was pregnant with C and compare that pregnancy to my current one.  It was fun to look at the size of my baby bump as each pregnancy progressed!

16 weeks comparison

I clearly started showing much earlier with Baby Deuce than I did with C!

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Note: Loved ones, know that I am safe. My intrusive thoughts do not equate to actions.

Here I go again. Down, down, down the rabbit hole. I wonder how deep it is this time. Probably not as deep as last time, because I know enough to ask for help. But this time I’m plummeting faster. Deeper.

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My Body Sucks at Pregnancy

I’m going to apologize in advance for getting a little ranty on a Friday morning.  I’m just frustrated and need to get this out.

I’m sleep-deprived from being up with C so much at night while he’s sick; I’m miserably sick with a cold of my own; and I’m VERY uncomfortable.

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Baby Deuce: 32 Week Update

baby deuce 32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks, 1 day

Cravings: Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies

Aversions: Lots

Feeling? Tired, and apparently it’s obvious. I don’t remember Hubster telling me I was crabby while pregnant with C, but yesterday he told me he’d talk to me after my nap when I wouldn’t be crabby. Oops!

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Baby Deuce: 30 Week Update

Baby Deuce 30 wks

Do I look tired?! ;)

How far along? 30 weeks, 2 days

Cravings: Nothing in particular, but I have been consuming a lot of Chobani.  Peach and strawberry banana are my two favorites right now.

Aversions: We’re just going to skip this one, because the list would be long and obnoxious.

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The Return of the Intrusive Thoughts

I’m going to be honest with you all.  I’m nervous.

I battled intrusive thoughts in the postpartum period with C, and I didn’t even know what they were for a long time.  I didn’t know that intrusive thoughts didn’t mean that I was going crazy until some of them were so bad that I could no longer cook with knives and was afraid to be behind the wheel of my car.

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The Big Brother/Little Sister Shirts Arrived!

I’ve already been planning what C and Baby Deuce will wear for their newborn/2-year pictures as well as our first family-of-four pictures.  Etsy sucked me in to hours of browsing, and I found some super adorable things.  These Big Brother/Little Sister shirts were a must-have on my favorites list!  They arrived this week and I’m so happy with how they turned out.

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#Mamavation Monday: They Still Fit!

I’m now 27 weeks with Baby Deuce and I’m still rocking my pre-pregnancy jeans!  This is seriously the only upside to having hyperemesis gravidarum for my entire pregnancy, but I will take it!

I almost can’t believe that I can still squeeze my ass into these.  When I was pregnant with C, my butt and thighs grew…a lot.

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Baby Deuce: 26 Week Update

C running out of the picture and me laughing at the impossibility of a posed picture.  Typical!

C running out of the picture and me laughing at the impossibility of a posed picture. Typical!

It’s been kind of a rough week/weekend here, so I’m combining a pregnancy update with my Mamavation Monday post today.  This update includes how I’m doing with eating (healthy cravings for the win!) as well as my lack of exercise (boo for exhaustion from calorie deficits!).

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Baby Deuce’s New Accessories

I got a little excited while looking at some things on Etsy last week.  Here are some of the adorable things that came in the mail this week!

Sophelli Headbands

From Sophelli by Maggie McBride

My Lil Sweetie Boutique Headband

From My Lil Sweetie Boutique

And here are the Big Bro/Lil Sis shirts that I’ve ordered, from The Rainbow Shack.  Note: this is the photo coordinating with the listing, so these aren’t my kids’ names! ;)

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Preventing PPD The Second Time Around: Building a Routine

I’m 25 weeks along in pregnancy number two and I’m starting to get a little nervous about history repeating itself.

I’m better prepared this time.  I will be setting up an appointment with my psychiatrist to start medication before delivering Baby Deuce, to prevent the major hormonal drop that I experienced last time.  I have established a therapist.  I know what to expect.

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Baby Deuce: 24 Week Update

Pajama Day! The wind chill was -25 degrees, so we huddled up indoors yesterday on Hubster's day off.

Pajama Day! The wind chill was -25 degrees, so we huddled up indoors yesterday on Hubster’s day off.

How far along? 24 weeks, 1 day

Cravings: I had to buy a package of Oreos this week.  Nom nom nom!

Aversions: Where do I begin?

Feeling? I’ve been doing okay with HG, so on Sunday night I decided to skip the Unisom that I’ve been taking every single night (part of my “drug cocktail” as I call it. I’ve been able to do without Zofran most of the time, but not Unisom.).  That was a big mistake!  I felt very nauseous yesterday, and will go back to taking my nightly Unisom.  Ugh!

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Baby Deuce’s Gender Reveal!


Im Having a Sister

Eep! – Baby Deuce’s Gender Might Be Revealed Tomorrow!

It was Hubster who reminded me on Friday’s plane ride home, “Don’t you have a doctor appointment this week?”


I have an appointment tomorrow.  And I might be able to find out Baby Deuce’s gender.  That is, if the ultrasound tech is available at the time of my appointment and if Baby Deuce decides to uncross his or her legs this time.

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Pregnancy Cravings: Racine Kringles

I didn’t realize that this was such a regional thing, because I grew up in metro-Milwaukee (not far from Racine).  I can’t find these delicious beauties anywhere near where we live, and it’s driving me bananas!  My taste buds/hormones are dreaming of having some Almond Racine Kringle in my mouth immediately.  This craving is killing me softly (I had this same craving with C, too!).

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21 Weeks: The Face of Hyperemesis

Family pic at Christmas

Kristin and Hubster.jpg

At 21 weeks, this is the face of hyperemesis.  That’s right – you can’t even tell.

You can’t tell that when this picture was taken, I was on day two of barely eating anything because I’d been so nauseous and had so many aversions.  You can’t tell that I was having a hard time getting enough fluids in me.

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My Post-Baby Indulgence Wish List

Every once in a while, I get a craving for something that’s a big “no-no” during pregnancy.  I’ve added several things to my list during the holidays, when delicious food and beverages abound.

I look forward to hearing some of your post-pregnancy must-haves!  Here are mine:

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A Huge Sigh of Relief

I didn’t realize this until before the ultrasound yesterday, but I was getting pretty nervous about everything being okay with Baby Deuce.  I haven’t been able to take my vitamins regularly because they just look too gross to consume (I opted for gummies over pills a month ago, but they still activate my gag reflex for some reason).  In general, I know I haven’t gotten enough calories in the past few months.  That’s been made obvious by my weight loss.  What I am able to eat is not very healthy.  I do eat a lot of fruit, but other than that…lots of simple carbs and then there’s the straight-up crap like poptarts and donuts.  Except for some tomatoes in pizza sauce or the veggies in a burrito, I haven’t eaten vegetables in ages.

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Wordless Wednesday: Sad Face

Baby Deuce had its legs crossed super tight during the ultrasound today. Good news is that it’s healthy.
Baby Deuce had its legs crossed super tight during the ultrasound today. Good news is that it's healthy.

I was devastated, so I got some FroYo to comfort my soul.
I was devastated, so I got some FroYo to comfort my soul.

Baby Deuce: 19 Week Update

Baby Deuce 19 Wks

C was very uninterested in taking this week’s picture!

How far along? 19 weeks, 2 days – I’ll reach my halfway point this week, since my c-section will be during week 39! :)

Cravings: None

Aversions: Vegetables, protein, most things in the world.  The evilest of all evils: onions and beef.

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The Gender Reveal Jitters

We will find out what we’re having on the 19th.  That is, if Baby Deuce spreads his/her legs and shows us the goods.  I’m getting a little nervous.  Okay, I’m getting a lot nervous.

Since this will be our last child (well, our last biological child, at least), I’m nervous that I might wish for the opposite of what I’m having.  I want another boy; but I also want to have a girl.  I’m afraid that if we find out Baby Deuce is a girl, I’m going to be disappointed that C won’t be having a brother. If we find out that Baby Deuce is a boy, I’m concerned that part of me will be saddened that I’m never going to have a little girl.

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Baby Deuce: 18 Week Update

How far along? 18 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: A long john donut – indulged this one, and no regrets.  It was DELICIOUS.

Aversions: Vegetables, meat, um…I think I have more aversions than non-aversions.  I have a helluva time eating anything that’s healthy.

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Hyperemesis – Surviving it Twice is as Much as I Can Handle

I’ve been thinking a lot about hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), pregnancy and the size of our family over the past few months.  With all of the media attention surrounding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement and struggle with HG, it’s been on my mind almost non-stop.

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A Couple News Stories About HG

I usually like to leave things at one post per day, but I came across a couple news stories tonight about hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) that I just needed to share.  I think it’s so important that people become aware of this problem.

This is my second HG pregnancy, and I can’t tell you how many times people have suggested common morning sickness “cures” to me, thought that I was exaggerating, or looked at me like I was crazy.  In fact, I now realize that my medical clinic did not treat me properly during my first pregnancy.  They didn’t recognize my HG until I was 12 weeks along, even though I kept calling and asking for help.  After experiencing this again, I know that I should have been given IV hydration multiple times during that first pregnancy.  I’m sure that I was dangerously dehydrated.  They continually told me to try things such as ginger ale, B6, etc.

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Baby Deuce: 17 Week Bump Update

How far along? 17 weeks, 2 days

Cravings: Cinnabon – I indulged on Sunday, and it was delicious!

Aversions: Vegetables, protein

Feeling?  Excited (see next question!).

What I’m looking forward to: We have a holiday edition of MOPS this week and I have to figure out what to bake!  This weekend, I’ll be walking a 5k with a great friend, @rachhabs.  We’ll also have Hubster’s office Christmas party that I get to bake another sweet treat for.  Tis the season!

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The Duchess is Expecting, and She Has Hyperemesis Gravidarum

The internet has been buzzing today with the news of Prince William and Catherine’s news that they’re expecting a baby.  It’s also been reported that Catherine was admitted to the hospital for treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).

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#Mamavation Monday: Movin’ and Groovin’

I find it really easy to end up sedentary during pregnancy.  Between the hyperemesis, general aches and pains and just feeling downright large…it’s easy to just put my feet up and wave the white flag.

I want this time to be different, though.  Even though I’ve been a little sicker during this pregnancy than the last, I don’t want to give up.  I’m looking forward to walking a 5k on Saturday with my badass Mamavation Sista, Rachel (@rachhabs)!  Hubster also bought me a Groupon that I got excited about – Zumba classes!

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Baby Deuce: 16 Week Bump Update

C was laughing so hard!

How far along? 16 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: Vlasic Zesty Dill Spear Pickles

Aversions: Most vegetables and protein

Feeling?  Tired!  I think Baby Deuce went through a big growth spurt this week, because I’ve been totally zapped of my energy.

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Baby Deuce: Week 15 Bump Update

I kept forgetting to take this picture, so C isn’t in it because I knew I’d better take it at the moment it was on my mind.  Oops!

How far along? 15 weeks, 5 days

Cravings: Raspberries, Starbucks Gingerbread Latte

Aversions: Beef, fried foods, eggs, peppers, onions and, usually any type of meat.

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Raspberry Nostalgia

I’ve been craving raspberries often with Baby Deuce.  Whenever I pop one of those delicious berries into my mouth (never without checking the inside for a worm, of course), it brings back memories of sneaking raspberries with the neighbor kids in their grandparents’ raspberry patch.  Those raspberries, fresh from the vine, were the best in the world.

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Baby Deuce: 14 Week Bump Update

Helllloooo, second trimester!  I figured that since I’ve finally reached my second tri, and my belly is already much larger than it was at 14 weeks with C, it’s time to start the weekly bump update.  :)   It took about 25 chaotic attempts to get these two pictures.  I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I’ve just included both!

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Will Baby Deuce be a Boy or Girl?

I can’t stop thinking about Baby Deuce lately and how eager I am to find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  There are so many similarities to my pregnancy with C, but there’s also some distinct differences.


  • Craving McDonald’s sausage burritos for breakfast, and they seem to calm my stomach
  • Aversions to beef and fried foods (except french fries!)
  • Hyperemesis requiring Zofran, Unisom and vitamin B6
  • Belly growing low and straight out
  • Skin issues – dry patches, some breakouts
  • Inability to work with food/cook at all in the first trimester


  • Required twice the dose of Zofran that I was on with C
  • Constant strange taste in my mouth
  • Altered sense of smell – I always think I’m smelling a strange smell
  • Altered sense of taste – some things taste metallic, others just taste…different
  • Aversion to chocolate and coffee.  Yes!  I usually LOVE chocolate and coffee.

I don’t know what to think!  I’d absolutely love to have another boy so that C could have a brother close in age, and because their birthdays will only be about a week apart and we already have all the right clothes…  But because of the differences in the two pregnancies, I’m starting to wonder if this might be a girl.

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Preventing PPD The Second Time Around: Saying “No”

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned in the past year is that I need to stop people-pleasing and say “no” when I need to.  As the holidays approach and the number of commitments we have or are discussing rises, I’m reminded of this lesson that I learned the hard way last year.

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Sometimes Pregnancy Gives Me Weird Dreams About My Vagina

I have really vivid dreams during pregnancy – really weird, vivid dreams.  Last night’s dream was just too crazy not to share.

Are you ready to hear about a vagina dream?

In my dream, I was in the hospital about to deliver Baby Deuce.  It was time to push, and I had my legs propped up to my chest.  The doctor went down to catch the baby, but there was a problem.  Things had grown so wildly hairy and beard-like down there that he couldn’t see anything.  He screamed, “NURSE-I need a scalpel!”  I was terrified that he was going to cut me to shreds for forgetting to shave.  That jerkface, I couldn’t see anything past my whale-ish baby bump.  But, no, instead…

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Awareness Month

October is Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Awareness Month!

The founder of the Ayden Rae Foundation, Vanessa Pack, reached out to me on Facebook after reading my blog post about my struggle with HG.  After joining the Ayden Rae Foundation’s closed Facebook group, I’ve been truly humbled by how severe HG can be for some women.

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My Fruit Addiction

Sometimes, I’m running errands and may or may not get an inescapable craving for strawberries and pineapple.  Which I then consume in my car, ravenously.

The Juice I Bought Expired in May

UPDATE: I took this back to the store the day after posting this. I wanted to make sure that they knew they had 5-months-expired food on their shelf, even if they wouldn’t refund my money.  But they DID refund me the full $5.25 that I paid!

So…I’m pissed about this and thought I’d toss this up on the ol’ blog.

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Dear Hyperemesis, I’m Angry With You

I wrote this post before I was able to publicly share my pregnancy.  I’ve since started what I call a “drug cocktail” – a mix of Zofran, Unisom and vitamin B6.  It’s helped make my days tolerable, though I do still experience days that feel impossible.

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I’m a Bundle of Tears

This pregnancy has turned me into such a Weepy Wanda (I just made that up.  Sorry to all the Wandas out there.)

I didn’t cry this much when I was pregnant with C.  Sure, every Hallmark commercial made me tear up.  But that’s normal! ;)

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Breaking Out the Maternity Clothes

On the six-hour drive home from the wedding we attended in Minneapolis this weekend, it happened.  My button from my jeans started to dig into my ever-expanding belly.  I realized it was time to bring my bin of maternity clothes out of storage.

*le sigh*

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#Mamavation Monday: My Seat on the Struggle Bus

I skipped writing a #Mamavation Monday post last week, because I had run out of things to say without revealing my secret.  I wasn’t going to lie, but now that I’ve outed myself – we’re expecting Baby Deuce! – I can finally tell you all what’s really been going on in the past month or so.

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The Rubber Band Trick (#PregnancyProblems)

I started showing REALLY early with this pregnancy.  I’ve heard that you show much earlier after your first pregnancy, but goodness – I was NOT prepared for this.  I was unable to button my pants after week six.  Week six, y’all.  I’m afraid that I’m going to be ginormous by the time I have this baby!

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Two Parts Excited, One Part Scared

I’m excited about Baby Deuce…but I’m also kind of scared.

I’m scared to go through a traumatic birth experience again, although I know the likelihood of a repeat scenario is zero simply because I’m scheduling a cesarean.

I’m scared to go through a super uncomfortable pregnancy again.  There were so many pains and general discomforts when I was pregnant with C, and it’s likely that I’ll go through all of those things again.  But the reward is great, and that’s what I’ll need to focus on.

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We’re expecting our second baby, who will hereby be referred to as Baby Deuce, due early May 2013!

An Emergency Cesarean and the Scars That Remain

After C was born, it didn’t cross my mind right away that I had experienced a traumatic delivery.  I think I was in shock from it all, and just relieved that it was over.  While I generally don’t think about his birth and the events that led to my emergency cesarean, there are certain triggers that bring it up for me.

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Phantom Kicks

Have you ever gotten phantom kicks?  They’re these little things that feel like a baby kicking, but you’re not pregnant.  They’re really weird, and I get one every once in a while.

But then it turns out ya just have to fart.


Building My Team of Doctors

So, if you haven’t heard…Hubster and I are starting to think about trying for Baby Deuce.  Since I’ll be at high risk for experiencing another postpartum mood disorder, I want to be as prepared as possible before becoming pregnant.  I’ve been working on building my “team.”

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Preparing for the Arrival of a Newborn by Katie Moore {Guest Post}

Katie Moore is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.

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Things I’m Afraid to Tell You: 10 Things About Pregnancy and Early Motherhood

Today, I’m joining the Things I’m Afraid To Tell You linkup!  Thank you to Jess Constable, who came up with this idea, as well as Ez of Creature Comforts, who turned it into a movement.  Here is a Huffington Post article on this topic by Laura Rossi.  If you’d like to link up with a post, you may do so with the linky at the bottom of this post!

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A Struggle With Body Image

I’m kind of nervous to put this “out there,” because I’ve always kept my struggles with body image and weight very quiet.  But I realize that I’m not the only woman with this inner battle, so I’ve decided to just own it.

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One Year Ago Today I Found Out I Was Pregnant

It was one year ago today that I woke up at 6am and decided to take a pregnancy test.  I was about to join a boot camp fitness team with three other grad students.  I hadn’t been feeling quite right and my period was late (although with PCOS, the latter part was not abnormal), so I thought I would make sure that I wasn’t pregnant before I spent $75 on boot camp.

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5 Things You’ll Love About Pregnancy

1. It’s acceptable to wear stretchy pants on a daily basis.  Who doesn’t love the enveloping comfort of an elastic waistband?

2. You’ll be showered with gifts.  If you’ve been married, you might recall the joy of a gift registry.  You get to do that all over again – except this time you get to pick out all kinds of cute little clothes and accessories.

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5 Things You’ll Never Miss About Pregnancy

1. The incessant need to pee.  Seriously, there were some days that I could have camped out in my bathroom.  But our bed didn’t fit.

2. Not being able to see your feet.  I don’t normally look down when I walk, but the ability to see your feet is sometimes very helpful in preventing stubbed toes…or when scaling a flight of stairs.

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Postpartum Hair Loss

I had heard of the postpartum hair loss phenomenon, but I didn’t think it would happen to me.  When I had made it two months without it rearing its ugly head, I thought I was safe.  Perhaps it was when I stopped breastfeeding, or perhaps it just took that long for my hormones to start regulating…regardless, I’m now experiencing hair loss.

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A Bag of Urine

That is a STRANGE blog post title, you say?  Well yes, it is.

Today I ask you what struck you as odd once you were no longer pregnant?  For me, the strangest thing was going into the OBGYN office without a bag containing my first-morning urine.  :-)

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Birth Plans

All of the pregnancy books tell you to come up with a birth plan so that you know exactly what you want to do when the time comes.

I’ll admit, the thought of a birth plan was a little daunting to me.  This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect from a labor and delivery experience.  I was afraid to plan it all out because that meant I had to really think about it ahead of time.  My doctor asked me about it during one of my late third trimester appointments.  When I said I didn’t really have one, but I knew I wanted an epidural, she just chuckled and said it was probably a good thing.  The people who come in with a three-page birth plan, for example, are often disappointed because things never seem to go exactly as planned.

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In Labor…Got Sent Home

Major TMI alert…if you don’t want to know the details, just know that I’m in early labor but was sent home from the hospital.

If you’re still reading, here goes…

I’ve had spotting since last Thursday, which is a bit concerning for a pregnant woman!  When I saw my OB on Friday, she said that it was probably from my cervix dilating and I didn’t have to worry about it as long as it continued to be spotting and didn’t get any heavier or redder.  Well, last night it definitely got heavier.  When I woke up this morning, I noticed that there were also some clots.  RED FLAG!  I was pretty freaked out.  It was 7am and I had gotten up early to get ready for my 9:45am doctor appointment (where I was hoping to schedule an induction for next week, since I’m overdue).

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Well Hello, Due Date

When my doctor told me a month ago that Baby C would be early, I never thought we would get acquainted.  Alas, here we are.

I am now convinced that Baby C will not come on his own and we will need to schedule an induction.  I’ll be talking to my doctor about that at tomorrow morning’s appointment.  Perhaps it’s best for me mentally that I don’t anticipate him coming on his own…the amount of false labor that I’ve endured this month has been difficult physically, but even more trying mentally.  It’s so hard getting yourself ready to be checked into the hospital and soon meet your baby, only to have contractions stop or be told that it wasn’t your amniotic fluid that was leaking.

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Nesting, Nesting, Nesting…

…how long can one nest?!

Hubster and I did some spring cleaning this weekend and organized a bunch of stuff that was sitting around on various surfaces of the apartment.  Yesterday I did all of our laundry (I’ve been doing laundry every few days so it doesn’t get piled up).  The cleaning continues today!

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Waiting for Labor is a Crash-Course in Patience

I’ve never been a patient person.  Waiting for labor is driving me completely insane.  I am now convinced (illogically, I admit) that Baby C is NEVER. COMING. OUT.  Good thing I didn’t get my hopes up yesterday when they told me I was probably dilating and labor would come soon…I had my appointment today and there was absolutely no change.  I’m still at 2.5cm.  His head is as low as it can get, so it’s no surprise that I feel like I’m holding a bowling ball in between my legs.

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Not Getting My Hopes Up…

Had to call the doctor today due to some spotting with cramping and they said that I’m probably dilating and labor will be coming soon.   I have to say, I’ve heard that before and I am not getting my hopes up.  I really wish my doctor hadn’t told me about a month ago that she thought I’d be early.  I’m five days away from my due date (and I’ve passed the date that should really be my due date), and I’m starting to feel like we’ll have to go through an induction and smoke this baby out!

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My Belly’s the Size of a Watermelon

I have a few different pregnancy apps on my iPhone, and for the past few weeks my baby’s size has been the equivalent of a watermelon.  This week, that watermelon is now between 6-9 lbs (goodness, I hope he’s not 9 lbs!).  I can definitely tell that my belly is huge, because it’s getting in the way quite often…

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Sick at 39 weeks? Not so fun.

After a few days of a cough, sore throat and sinus pain/pressure progressively getting worse, I trekked to Urgent Care today to see what was up.  Turns out there’s an 80% chance it’s viral, but since I’m so close to labor and this is rendering me completely exhausted, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic to be safe.  Now I have an antibiotic for a UTI and an antibiotic for whatever might be settling in my lungs.  I can’t catch a break in the final few weeks of this pregnancy!

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Best Hubster Ever

I have to spend a couple minutes bragging up Hubster.  He’s pretty much been awesome throughout my pregnancy, but the last couple days he has been extra awesome.  Yesterday, he did all of our dishes AND gave me a reflexology foot massage to hopefully induce labor.  He looked it up on Youtube and tried it out.  So sweet.

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Weekly Update

38.5 Weeks

Size of baby: Watermelon (19-22 inches, around 7 lbs)

Newly craved food:  Pineapple, Strawberries, Spicy Mexican Food

Food aversions: Beef, fried foods

What do you miss?  Sleeping without hip and back pain; walking without waddling.

What are you looking forward to?  Meeting our little guy.

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I Hate Being Sick!

I had to cancel my pedi today because of this…

Somehow I managed to get through my entire pregnancy without getting a cold or the flu….until NOW.  How did I get a cold NOW at 38.5 weeks?!  It has to be the worst time to get sick.

This cough is killing me.  I never realized how painful it would be to have a cough when your ab muscles are stretched out to max capacity.  Ouch. :(  Hoping this goes away soon.  Can’t imagine having to cough my way through labor.

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Craving Creativity

I LOVE sushi rolls.  LOVE them.  I’ve really missed them since getting pregnant.  California Rolls help dull the cravings for raw sushi, but I still cannot wait to scarf down a spicy tuna roll.

Tonight, I had to get creative because I didn’t have any crab, avocado or cucumber in the house.  I ended up making a cream cheese roll and dressing it up with some spicy sauce.  But I’ll still be dreaming about this:

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Pregnant Ladies – Read Warning Labels on All Prescriptions!

This evening, I had to pick up a prescription for a UTI.  Since these infections are very common during pregnancy, I wanted to share my cautionary tale with you.

I read the warning label when I got home and noticed that this particular drug is not recommended for use in pregnant women who are at term (38-42 weeks).  While my OBGYN obviously knows that I’m at term, I called the pharmacist because the warning made me uncomfortable.  He looked it up to double check and told me not to take it.  He said he’s never seen it prescribed in women after 36 weeks, even though it is a common drug for use in early pregnancy.  He told me to call my doctor in the morning and see if there’s a specific reason she prescribed this drug and if there is something else she could have me take.

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38-Week Appointment Update

For those who are curious how my 38-week appointment went today…

On Sunday, I had contractions that were 6 minutes apart for 8 hours, then they stopped.  Since then, I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night with contractions 4 minutes apart for one hour, then they always stop.  The good news is that these contractions are at least making a little progress.  I am now dilated 2.5 cm.

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Pregnancy Does WHAT?! No Way!

When we announced we were expecting, there were some things that people described to me that I simply didn’t believe would happen…until I went through them.  Here’s my list of things that sound too weird to be true.  Feel free to add additional ones by commenting on this post!

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Labor is a Tricky, Tricky Thing

I really thought that today was the day.  I woke up at 6am with severe back pain and contractions.  They continued to come every 6 minutes for the next 8 hours.  We went for a walk, I drank a lot of water, ate some food, rested…everything that they always tell you to do to make sure they’re not Braxton Hicks contractions.  They were the real deal.

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Working My Way Through the Self-Inducing List

So far, I’ve tried eating loads of spicy food, bouncing on an exercise ball, squats, bumpy car rides, walking and eating pineapple.  I’m working my way through the list of all things I’ve ever heard people mention (and then trying them again until something gets this kid out)!

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Low Pressure Systems Induce Labor?

I’ve heard that low pressure systems can push some women into labor…granted, they need to be relatively close to going on their own, but there’s something about the weather shift that pushes them over that threshold.  My friend swears by this, since it helped put her into labor with her son last year.  My doctor also mentioned this at one of my previous appointments, when several women who were due around the same time as I am were starting to go into labor.  They’re predicting severe thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes for tonight and tomorrow.  I’m really hoping this theory will work in my favor!

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Are You Kidding Me?!?!

So apparently it is possible for one to experience severe cramping and contractions day and night and yet make no progress toward labor.  Said contractions and cramping can be so bad that they stop one from moving or talking and also can continually wake one up at night.

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Labor – I Anxiously Await You

Yesterday, I was certain that labor was imminent.  I started getting contractions reminiscent of back labor as well as severe cramping contractions.  The problem, you ask?  Some would be 5-7 minutes apart, others would be 20-40 minutes apart.  :(

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Weekly Update

So my “weekly update” will probably combine weeks 36 and 37 this time.  Oops!

36 weeks, 5 days

Size of baby: Watermelon (19-22 inches, around 6.5 lbs)

Newly craved food:  Ghirardelli Caramel Turtle Brownies, Grapes, Pineapple

Food aversions: Beef, fried foods

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A Baby This Week?

I’m starting to feel like we might be having a baby this week…

The cramping and contractions are definitely becoming more frequent and intense, although nothing is regular yet.  It will be very interesting to see how far I’m dilated at my 37-week appointment on Wednesday (last Tuesday, I was at 1cm!).

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My Top 10 List of Things I’m Looking Forward To

1. Sleeping on my stomach or back.

2. Moving around without having my belly hit something.

3. Being able to roll over in bed without starting to breathe heavily.

4. Not getting tired after taking a shower.

5. Wearing pants that have a button and zipper.

6. Bending over without losing my breath.

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While I’ve been preparing for baby for weeks, I think I’ve reached the point of what people call “nesting.”  I’m actively looking for things to clean and organize.  Today I decided to wash the sheets.  But why stop there?  I also decided that the mattress pad, blankets and duvet cover must also be washed.  And after that , I have plans to wash our living room throw pillows.  Then probably my slippers.  Then…

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Prepping for Baby’s Arrival

How early did you start preparing baby clothes, sterilizing bottles, packing your hospital bag, etc.?

Earlier this month, I started washing all of my son’s towels and linens as well as all of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  Last week, I sterilized all of his bottles, pacifiers and my breast pump.  After having to make a quick trip to the doctor this week, we finished packing the hospital bag.  Hubster installed the car seat last week.  I honestly don’t know what else is left to do before he comes!

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I Have the Sleep Schedule of a Bat

It’s no secret that I have major trouble sleeping at night.  I’m either totally awake until the wee hours of the morning, or I’m exhausted but too uncomfortable to drift off to slumberland.  Anyone else have this?

Last night, I experienced the latter.  It’s difficult to get quality sleep when you’re up every 1.5-2 hours for a trip to the bathroom.  Throw some hip and back pain into the mix and it’s downright impossible.  I had finally drifted off just before 8am…then my phone rang.

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I Love When My Doctor Gives Good News!

Although my appointment was Friday, I had to go in today to be sure I wasn’t leaking fluid.  While it turns out that I’m not (that’s a good thing, as I’m 36 weeks today and he’s not yet full-term), my doctor did an exam and said that I’ll likely be delivering early!  I am so excited!

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Baby Shower!

Our friends hosted an awesome baby shower for us today!   Here we are with our diaper cake:

Is It Time for the Mumu?

It’s a sad day in the life of a pregnant woman when some of her maternity shirts no longer keep her belly covered.

Then again, it also signals that the due date is near.  So basically, it’s a mixed-emotion day.  I feel HUGE.  I hoped it would never be time for the mumu!

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