How We’re Avoiding the Plunger this Summer

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Charmin.

Summer 2016 is in full swing! With the sun staying out longer, people are gathering together for barbecues, late night bonfires and holiday get-togethers. I, for one, love having my friends and family over to grill outside during these summer months and do it as often as I can. So, what are my necessities to having guests over in these hot temps? Food – yes. Bug spray – quite possibly. Charmin toilet paper – absolutely.

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30% Off TOMS at Zulily! #ad

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I love TOMS! I have three pairs in my collection now, and wear them all the time. They’re super comfortable, adorable and I love that a pair was given to children in need with each of my purchases. You can get your own pair at a great discount, just like I did!

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Jon Stewart and A’Driane Nieves are right.

I’ve been mostly quiet about what’s been happening in this country, because we’ve been immersed in the medical happenings with C. These two videos below are just too phenomenal not to share. The first is about white privilege by Jon Stewart and the second is A’Driane Nieves’ VOTY reading at BlogHer. It may make you uncomfortable. Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable. Powerful stuff. Watch them to the end. (Warning: language)

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