C Creates a Game to Help Baby Jo Avoid a Meltdown {Video}

C has come so far in therapy since June. His interactions with Baby Jo have changed drastically for the better. It has been fascinating for me to watch him with her lately, because he is very in tune to her needs. Much like C, Baby Jo is experiencing a behavioral decline in the same timeframe as her autism diagnosis. He talks her through things that upset her, comforts her during distress, and even helps redirect her attention. In this video, C creates a game to help Baby Jo avoid a meltdown by redirecting.

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Big brother reading a bedtime story to his little sister.

My four-year-old C is not reading yet, but his autism allows him to memorize books, dialogue from favorite TV episodes, and puzzles. He and his little sister have developed a new bedtime routine that involves him, “reading,” a book to her. I love watching him tell her the story. If he doesn’t remember what words are under one of the flaps, he turns to ask me and then repeats it. Once he repeats the complete phrase, he almost never needs to ask me again. When C tells Baby Jo that one part isn’t funny, I couldn’t help but laugh. He is so matter-of-fact about everything! Here is big brother reading a bedtime story to his little sister:

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Kiss It and Make It Better

Do you kiss your child’s owies to “make it better?” I love that C still comes to me when he bumps an elbow or stubs a toe so that I can, “Kiss it and make it better!” He and Baby Jo were playing when she accidentally got hurt. The exchange that came next melted our hearts! These two siblings love each other more than words can say.

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C started vlogging!

C Started Vlogging

“Mommy, take a picture with me!” C snapped a selfie and jumped next to his sister to take a selfie with her. Then he took his phone (one of our old iPhones that now functions as an iPod Touch) into his room and started talking. I peeked in to see what was going on and realized he was recording himself talking to his phone. C was vlogging.

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