As close to homemade baby food as you can get with Beech-Nut’s new just gentle cooking™.

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just gentle cooking: The New Beech-Nut line of baby food

I’m one of those moms that is a little obsessive about knowing what is going into my children’s mouths. I was already like this when C was a baby, but now that he’s been through all of his health issues I’m even more adamant about proper nutrition and zero additives. For the most part, I made both of my kids’ baby food; but there were occasions when I didn’t have time or it wasn’t possible to travel with a bunch of homemade baby food. Beech-Nut has answered the call of moms like me who are looking to take all of the added junk out of baby food and give our babies real, natural ingredients just like we would make.

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(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: A Child Who Eats?

Wait, so you’re saying that there are children in the world who actually eat what their parents eat? This is an entirely new world for me!

Baby Jo 11.12.13

That’s right, Miss Baby Jo ate the same thing we did. She LOVED the meat and sweet potatoes I pureed for her. It was super exciting. 🙂

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(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday: Baby Jo’s First Taste of Rice Cereal!

Baby Jo Rice Cereal 1

This is the look she’s been giving us every time we eat. “Alright, Mama, gimme some food or the giraffe gets it!”

Baby Jo Rice Cereal 2

But she wasn’t too fond of her first taste of the rice cereal! As long as she doesn’t have any negative reactions to her rice cereal this week, then I’ll be mixing a little pureed fruit or vegetable in there to help with the flavor. 🙂

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Guest Post: 5 Nifty Thrifty DIY Tips!

Today, we have a guest post from my dear friend Rachel, from Supermom In The Making.  She blogs about the adventures of making it work with two hands and three babies.  Rachel is a mom to three children under the age of two, including 10-month-old twin girls.  Sometimes I truly wonder how she does it all! 😉  Below, she clues you in on some of her ultra-thrifty DIY tips.  Enjoy!

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Baby Food

I love making my own baby food.  It’s so easy with this Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker that I reviewed last week.  It’s great knowing exactly what I’m feeding C.  I don’t need to add anything to the fruits and vegetables – just steam, puree and freeze.  It’s so cost-efficient, too.  Three bananas made 18 servings of food for C!

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Review: Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker

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Making your own baby food can save you lots of money. That was enough to persuade me!  I discovered that it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds, too.  I’m not super-conscious of eating organic foods, but I love knowing exactly what I’m feeding my son.

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