Parenting as a Multiple Choice Exam

Sometimes it feels like parenting is just one giant exam after another. I don’t know if there’s really a correct answer to some of the exams, but I’m sure there are ways to fail. My latest exam had me feeling completely unprepared. Frantic, even. Here’s a breakdown of my most recent exam – tell me how you’d handle it!

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Baby Jo is 9 Months Old!

Can it be? Could it really be that 9 months ago, this sweet girl entered our lives?


Baby Jo 9 months

I feel so blessed to have a baby with such a sweet, mellow personality. She smiles even when she’s woken up from a nap! This girl has a cuddle and a smile for everyone, but she is undoubtedly a Daddy’s girl.

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C and Baby Jo Play Chase!

These two have the best time together! Tonight they were chasing each other around underneath the table and just laughing together. LOVE them. 🙂

Baby Jo Reacts to Eating Peaches

Don’t babies just make the funniest faces? I love watching Baby Jo’s personality develop. Lately, she’s been entertaining us with her silliness. Here she makes a funny face while reacting to the taste of peaches. 🙂

Do You Think There’s a Resemblance?

My parents have been telling me for a while that looking at Baby Jo is like looking at me all over again. I finally got a chance to dig through my old baby pictures. I found some good ones and put together a collage. What do you think – do we look alike? 🙂

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