Parenting as a Multiple Choice Exam

Sometimes it feels like parenting is just one giant exam after another. I don’t know if there’s really a correct answer to some of the exams, but I’m sure there are ways to fail. My latest exam had me feeling completely unprepared. Frantic, even. Here’s a breakdown of my most recent exam – tell me how you’d handle it!

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C Greets Baby Jo: “Hi, Little Fishy!”

I think C has been watching too much “Finding Nemo” lately, because he’s started greeting his sister with, “Hi, Little Fishy!” You’ll also hear him saying, “Hi, little guy!” Some family members say this to him. :)

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Baby Jo is 9 Months Old!

Can it be? Could it really be that 9 months ago, this sweet girl entered our lives?


Baby Jo 9 months

I feel so blessed to have a baby with such a sweet, mellow personality. She smiles even when she’s woken up from a nap! This girl has a cuddle and a smile for everyone, but she is undoubtedly a Daddy’s girl.

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C and Baby Jo Play Chase!

These two have the best time together! Tonight they were chasing each other around underneath the table and just laughing together. LOVE them. :)

Baby Jo Reacts to Eating Peaches

Don’t babies just make the funniest faces? I love watching Baby Jo’s personality develop. Lately, she’s been entertaining us with her silliness. Here she makes a funny face while reacting to the taste of peaches. :)

Do You Think There’s a Resemblance?

My parents have been telling me for a while that looking at Baby Jo is like looking at me all over again. I finally got a chance to dig through my old baby pictures. I found some good ones and put together a collage. What do you think – do we look alike? :)

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Sibling Gifts

I wrote this post before we were surprised by Baby Jo’s early arrival. Thankfully, C absolutely adores his sister!

C’s reaction to meeting Baby Deuce is going to go one of two ways:

1. “Oooo, baby!” *cue soft petting of baby’s head and attempt to kiss her*

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We Bought an Ergo!

Amazon had an amazing deal on Ergo Baby Carriers last week, and Hubster and I decided to snag one.  I’ve been eyeing these up for months.  My sister-in-law loves hers!  I know I’ll be using a carrier a lot so that I have my hands free to take care of C.  I’m just hoping that Baby Deuce enjoys carriers more than C did!

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Two Parts Excited, One Part Scared

I’m excited about Baby Deuce…but I’m also kind of scared.

I’m scared to go through a traumatic birth experience again, although I know the likelihood of a repeat scenario is zero simply because I’m scheduling a cesarean.

I’m scared to go through a super uncomfortable pregnancy again.  There were so many pains and general discomforts when I was pregnant with C, and it’s likely that I’ll go through all of those things again.  But the reward is great, and that’s what I’ll need to focus on.

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My Baby Gave Up His Bottle


C has given up his bottle.

We decided not to wean him off of his nighttime bottle at 12 months, because of all the transition we’ve had in the past two months.  That bottle always seemed to comfort him before bed and I didn’t want to take that comfort away.  He’s 14 months old now and I was planning on weaning him in the next couple weeks after he adjusted to our new home.  I know that it was time and am relieved not to go through a weaning process, but I still find myself grieving the fact that my son isn’t a little baby anymore.

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I’m Coming Down With Baby Fever…

Hubster and I are noticing how big our little baby is getting.  How do they grow so much, so quickly in their first year?!  He used to be only eight pounds, 22.75 inches long, and completely dependent on us.  He was so easy to hold and cuddle, and so very tiny.

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Review: Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance

C Bouncing, 7 Months Old

Disclosure: I have not been compensated for this review. An Amazon affiliate link is included below.

When C had colic during his first eight weeks, Hubster and I were desperate to find anything that would help him.  Hubster had heard about the BABYBJORN Babysitter Balance from a supervisor.  We balked at the price, but we were sold after Hubster conducted further research on the product.

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Am I Stay-At-Home Mom Material?

Courtesy of

We’ve all seen supermom.  She effortlessly drives around town in her minivan, escorting her children to all of their extracurricular activities.  Dressed in school colors, she claps wildly at her kids’ sporting events.  She bakes elaborate snacks and her house is always spotless.  She has time to do her hair every morning and never wears yoga pants unless she’s working out.

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Baby C Squeals and Laughs!

I think that once C starts babbling more, he simply will not stop. He LOVES to make noise and hear himself talk! Have to admit, I’m enjoying it, too. ;)

Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Salve Review


After being very pleased with the Motherlove Nipple Cream while breastfeeding, the kind folks at Motherlove sent me their Diaper Rash & Thrush salve to try.  I’m so glad that they did!  

C typically does not have any diaper rash; however, he’s had quite a bit of redness since he started teething.  We avoid changing C’s diaper during the night because it causes him to wake up too much.  By the morning, his little butt is red.  We started applying Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush salve before bed and also when he wakes up.  The redness has significantly diminished in the past two weeks.  In fact, on most days C does not have any diaper rash.  We apply the salve even when his bootie isn’t red for preventative measures.

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Packing Away Baby Clothes

Earlier this week, I posted about how C has been growing like a weed.  I really thought I could still get two more weeks out of the bigger sleepers and onesies.  No such luck!

I reluctantly packed away all of C’s 3-month onesies and sleepers, along with his newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  It’s so sad to look at those adorable little outfits and fold them up one last time before putting them in a storage bin.  My little boy is getting big!

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One Year Ago Today I Found Out I Was Pregnant

It was one year ago today that I woke up at 6am and decided to take a pregnancy test.  I was about to join a boot camp fitness team with three other grad students.  I hadn’t been feeling quite right and my period was late (although with PCOS, the latter part was not abnormal), so I thought I would make sure that I wasn’t pregnant before I spent $75 on boot camp.

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Losing My Mind

Today, C is only happy while being held in a standing-up position.  You’d think he’d be happy standing in his exersaucer.  Nope.  You’d think he’d be happy playing in his gym (his absolute favorite toy).  Nope.  Is he hungry?  No, recently ate.  Does he need a diaper change?  No, recently pooped.  Is he tired?  No, he just took a two hour nap while being held because he would NOT stop crying in his pack n play.

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I think I’m in for a bad day.

C woke up at 10:30, 1, 3, 3:30, 4, 4:15, 4:30…  At 5:20, he decided that he was awake for the day.  At 5:30, he had a huge blowout and got poop everywhere.


C Makes Me Laugh

C was laying across the boppy in my arms, getting ready for a bottle.  He sighed when I popped the bottle into his mouth.  Then he crossed his ankles, raised his arms up and folded them up behind his head!

I *so* wish Hubster had been there to get a picture!  He always cracks me up. :)

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C Talks and Squeals!

We Have a Teether

Well, I think little C is teething.  The constant drooling, gumming objects, chewing on his fists, pulling at his ears, rubbing his face, playing with his bottle, tiredness and extra pooping are some pretty good signs.  :-p  We can’t see or feel any teeth coming in, but I guess kids can start teething 1-2 months before a tooth actually breaks through the gums.  Poor little guy.  You can tell he’s pretty uncomfortable sometimes.

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High Needs Baby

Ever since C’s colic started, I’ve been following The Fussy Baby Site‘s blog.  Today, they posted a list of the Top Websites for Colic.  I visited the Ask Dr. Sears website that was listed and stumbled upon information on high needs babies.  I had an “aha” moment – FINALLY, C’s personality is explained.

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It’s August?!

I simply cannot believe that it’s August 1st.  Where did the time go?!

It feels like summer is completely over for us.  Hubster’s fall training is in full swing and has been for about two weeks already.  His grad classes will begin again in a few weeks.  It’s crazy how fast time goes!  It was slightly over a year ago that we moved here, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.  So much has changed since then!

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C is 3 Months Old Today!

My big 3-month-old :)

The Battle of the Nap

Two sides, equally strong-willed and determined, face off in an epic battle of sleep.  A refusal to give into slumber is met with an equal dedication to enforce the rules of nap-dom.  Screaming and a theatric conflict of wills ensue.  There can only be one victor.

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Things C Has Learned This Week

1. To scream.  SCREAM.  He’s always been opinionated and gone “from 0 to 60″ in the blink of an eye, but now when he decides he wants something he starts to scream his little head off.  There’s no warning to it.  People who hear him might think he’s being tortured or something.

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You May Look, But Don’t Touch!

It amazes me how babies bring out the best in most people.  Hubster and I smile with pride when someone comes up to look at C and comments on how cute he is.  I don’t even mind that it sometimes inconveniences me if I’m in a hurry.  But, today, a young man at Walgreens crossed the line.  He said, “Awww,” then came up and TOUCHED C’s belly.  Um…I don’t know you!  Get the heck away from my child!  My mind started racing as to what kind of disease this man potentially had, since he had a prescription in his hand.  Oy.

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C Rolls Over!

Myth: Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom is Easy

Over the past week, someone said to me that they’d love to be able to “just” stay at home with their kids.  (They emphasized the “just.”  This person did not have children.)  Inwardly, I was outraged that this person thought that life at home with children was so easy.  Outwardly, all I could do was smile politely at their ignorance.

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“The No-Cry Sleep Solution”

I just received this book, by Elizabeth Pantley, in the mail yesterday and cannot seem to read the pages fast enough.  Between my weary, sleep-deprived eyes and a 5-week-old who won’t nap for more than 15 minutes unless he’s sleeping on one of us, I’m in desperate need of a solution.

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Motherhood Is…

…waking up in the pre-dawn hours to pump and wash bottles.

…realizing that having time to shower is a luxury.

…being so busy with formerly mundane tasks (i.e. dishes, laundry) that the days fly by and you don’t know where the time goes.

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C Has Colic…

…but at least he’s healthy.  The pediatrician did a head-to-toe check of C today and told us that we have a normal, healthy, fussy baby.  It will only get worse before it improves.  Apparently, research shows that babies peak in fussiness at about 2 months of age.

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Infant Acid Reflux?

It’s so difficult watching your 2-week-old baby look at you with a pained expression while he’s crying inconsolably.

I think C has acid reflux, and it seems to get worse every day.  He has a desperate pain cry after eating and arches his back in pain.  He cries for a long time and his pain often wakes him up.  He’s most comfortable sleeping on our chests because he can be upright.  He gags, vomits and gets the hiccups all the time.  I want to cry when he’s crying.  It’s so sad that I can’t make it better.

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“Superwoman” is a Relative Term

It’s amazing how little it takes these days for me to feel like Superwoman! C was content long enough for me to pump while he sat by me in his Boppy. Then he hung out in his swing while I did dishes, changed the load of laundry and then made myself look presentable for the day. I even fixed myself a snack before he started to fuss! Breastfeeding makes me SO hungry.

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A Delivery Story

Our son has arrived!  Labor and delivery definitely didn’t turn out as I had expected or hoped for.  The recovery process is going to be way longer than I wanted, but our beautiful baby boy is here and he’s perfect in every way.  I can’t believe how cute he is.  And it’s crazy to think that we MADE him. ;)

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Introducing…Baby C!

You may have noticed that I disappeared… ;)  Our little bundle of joy has finally arrived!  Baby C was born on April 29 at 7:11am, weighing in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces and measuring 22 inches long.

Delivery story to come!  As any of you readers with children know, life with a newborn is kind of insane.  I look forward to sharing our story with you, though :)

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Holy Crap – I'm Going to be a Parent!

Did you have one moment where it hit you like a ton of bricks – the realization that you’re going to be responsible for a whole other little person?  For life?!

I feel like I’ve had multiple mini-moments like that, but yesterday it hit me a little bit harder than normal.  Like WHOA.  I don’t think that I’ll fully understand what that responsibility and life change will feel like or really mean until we’re actually holding our baby in our arms.  At the same time, though, it’s so strange to think about how our life will be changing forever.

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Patience is Not a Virtue That I Have

Do/did any of you ever get really impatient waiting for your due date to get closer and for baby to arrive?  Some days I feel like I’m going crazy with the waiting – and that my due date will never come.  I really want to wash up all of his clothes, blankets, sheets, car seat, etc.  REALLY bad.

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